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led zeppelin IV, release: sd7208

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Led Zeppelin  IV    Original Label, thumbnail_release97_182763359427.jpg
USD 9.5 auction59030
Led Zeppelin LP~ZOSO~Original 1st pressing~Atlantic~ Excellent **b, thumbnail_release97_401399407300.jpg
USD 14.72 auction59037
USD 5.0 auction58885
Led Zeppelin  IV      Original Label, thumbnail_release97_162659592948.jpg
USD 6.5 auction58960
LED ZEPPELIN IV Zoso 12" Vinyl LP NM Atlantic SD 7208 CLASSIC ROCK Pecko Duck, thumbnail_release97_182742793620.jpg
USD 4.99 auction58824
Led Zeppelin IV Zoso 1971 Atlantic Records SD 7208 1st Pressing LP VG/EX Jack G, thumbnail_release97_311942493637.jpg
USD 6.5 auction58355
Led Zeppelin Untitled LP SD 7208 1971 Presswell Gatefold Stairway To Heaven VG+, thumbnail_release97_332354110699.jpg
USD 9.99 auction58655
Led Zeppelin, 1971, Atlantic , SD7208 (S)  , thumbnail_release97_182724401642.jpg
USD 9.99 auction58354
Led Zeppelin LP IV ZoSo Gatefold Atlantic Records SD 7208 Excellent Vinyl! LOOK, thumbnail_release97_352142187659.jpg
USD 10.5 auction58046
LED ZEPPELIN - "LED ZEPPELIN (IV) RUNES" LP, ATLANTIC SD 7208, 1974 REISSUE, VER, thumbnail_release97_292214072501.jpg
USD 5.99 auction58258
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Led Zeppelin, IV LP Test Pressing SS, thumbnail_release97_151024472010.jpg
USD 376.11 auction14530
★SUPER RARE WHITE LBL PROMO 1971 Orig LED ZEPPELIN ~ VI ~ Hard PSYCH Jimmy Page, thumbnail_release97_370842392052.jpg
USD 346.45 auction20568
Led Zeppelin "IV" Atlantic SD 7208 RARE ORIGINAL (1971) SEALED MINT w. sticker, thumbnail_release97_221307976897.jpg
USD 345.0 auction25163
Led Zeppelin - IV LP PROMO W/ Sticker wlp Psych Classic Rock Porky Pecko Zoso, thumbnail_release97_390607287729.jpg
USD 299.99 auction19433
Led Zeppelin IV Zoso white label promo LP NM Atlantic, thumbnail_release97_390379535971.jpg
USD 272.0 auction2042
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LED ZEPPELIN IV / Made in Chile ATLANTIC ASFONA LP 1975, thumbnail_release97_320787211367.jpg
USD 20.51 auction625
LED ZEPPELIN LP ZOSO ATL50008 France WE321, thumbnail_release97_200671724086.jpg
USD 33.81 auction626
LED ZEPPELIN IV US PRESS ATLANTIC 1971 TB ETAT, thumbnail_release97_110768876810.jpg
USD 18.26 auction627
LP Atlantic SD 7208 Israel Led Zeppelin 4 Stairway to Heaven , thumbnail_release97_140634010468.jpg
USD 8.79 auction662
LED ZEPPELIN IV LP Original 1971CANADA RARE SD 7208, thumbnail_release97_280765739844.jpg
USD 40.0 auction690
BEAUTIFUL MINT! 1971 ORIG ~ LED ZEPPELIN ~ IV + STICKER  Jimmy Page Hard PSYCH, thumbnail_release97_300618136795.jpg
USD 66.88 auction618
LED ZEPPELIN:IV,US PRESS,ATLANTIC,1971,SD 7208, thumbnail_release97_130594629436.jpg
USD 6.73 auction619
Led Zeppelin 3 Different Atlantic LPs, thumbnail_release97_220884444202.jpg
USD 12.0 auction620
4 Nr Mnt LED ZEPPELIN LP Record Albums! 1971 Stairway To Heaven, 1969 SD 8216, thumbnail_release97_360405119489.jpg
USD 135.5 auction621
LED ZEPPELIN IV RCA Music Service Club Edition LP NM, thumbnail_release97_150687467772.jpg
USD 9.99 auction622
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Capitol - sd7208

led zeppelin IV

Catalogue number

published cat.number:
Capitol sd7208

alternative cat.number:
Capitol sd 7208

General info

Date released: 1971-00-00
Country released: USA
Release type: LP (12")

Value indication

last updated:
963 auction(s)
523 sale(s)
popularity: 54%

$ 376.11 max value
$ 0.99 min value
$ 33.78 avg value


Publisher: Capitol
Cover design: