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Elvis Presley, release: RCA Victor SPD-22

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ELVIS PRESLEY s/t 2X45 EP RCA SPD 22 VG- playable rockabilly rare no sleeve, thumbnail_release82_372648117973.jpg
USD 11.5 auction60803
Elvis Presley 45 rpm EP Record ''Elvis Presley SPD-22'' , thumbnail_release82_282620895795.jpg
USD 799.0 auction58348
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EXTREMELY RARE...  ELVIS PRESLEY  SPD-22 IN MINT- CONDITION, thumbnail_release82_161168910553.jpg
USD 1338.13 auction26364
ELVIS PRESLEY RCA SPD-22 EP Rare 45 RPM From 1956 Label Error Copy, thumbnail_release82_330945094973.jpg
USD 1225.0 auction20556
Elvis Presley 45 Record EP SPD-22 Gatefold 2 record RARE Promo set, thumbnail_release82_390619397503.jpg
USD 1032.0 auction21120
Elvis Presley 45 Record EP SPD-22 RARE Gatefold Promo Sleeve Sold Record Player, thumbnail_release82_390649436463.jpg
USD 960.0 auction23700
RARE Elvis Presley 1956 SPD-22 Double 45 rpm EP Record RCA Special Promotion, thumbnail_release82_382684992364.jpg
USD 860.0 auction60447
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ELVIS PRESLEY SPD-22 RARE EP RECORD 2 ONLY SIDES 2 , thumbnail_release82_181010248847.jpg
USD 45.44 auction8281
ELVIS PRESLEY SPD-22 RARE EP RECORD 2 ONLY SIDES 2 , thumbnail_release82_380490882712.jpg
USD 125.0 auction7581
ELVIS PRESLEY SPD-22 2 disc Gatefold, thumbnail_release82_160904271918.jpg
USD 326.7 auction7582
ELVIS PRESLEY SPD-22 RARE EP RECORD 2 ONLY SIDES 2 , thumbnail_release82_380482980012.jpg
USD 100.0 auction7383
ELVIS PRESLEY SPD-22 RARE EP RECORD 2 ONLY SIDES 2 , thumbnail_release82_380486567859.jpg
USD 113.5 auction7521
``ELVIS PRESLEY´´ ULTRA RARE 1956 DOUBLE EP w/GATEFOLD COVER SPD-22, VG++, thumbnail_release82_261111722096.jpg
USD 700.0 auction7522
ELVIS PRESLEY,  ELVIS PRESLEY SPD-23 RAREST RCA EP, WITH 45 RPM RECORDS, thumbnail_release82_261029298893.jpg
USD 2100.0 auction5268
ELVIS PRESLEY - SPD-23 (SET OF 3 EP'S) 1956 (NO COVER ) EXTREMELY RARE , thumbnail_release82_140674723465.jpg
USD 432.51 auction2103
COCOA   TEA "   CHRISTMAS  MEDLEY " SUPERPOWER  LISTEN , thumbnail_release82_230712098625.jpg
USD 9.89 auction1363
ELVIS PRESLEY 45 SPD 22 SIDE 1 & 4 BLUE SUEDE SHOES, thumbnail_release82_400251935772.jpg
USD 12.99 auction455
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RCA Victor - RCA Victor SPD-22

Elvis Presley

Catalogue number

published cat.number:
RCA Victor RCA Victor SPD-22

alternative cat.number:
RCA Victor SPD22

General info

Date released: 1956-10-00
Country released: USA
Release type: EP (7")

Value indication

last updated:
41 auction(s)
34 sale(s)
popularity: 83%

$ 1338.13 max value
$ 9.99 min value
$ 382.61 avg value


Publisher: RCA Victor
Cover design: