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Elvis Presley, release: RCA LPM 1254

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Vintage Elvis Presley LP Record LPM1254, 1956 RCA Victor, thumbnail_release80_272871370216.jpg
USD 499.0 auction59345
RECORD-LP-ELVIS PRESLEY-RCA VICTOR-LPM-1254, thumbnail_release80_311964056808.jpg
USD 19.99 auction59191
ELVIS PRESLEY (LPM 1254) - 1ST PRESSING MONO - "LONG PLAY" RCA VICTOR 1956, thumbnail_release80_272843541496.jpg
USD 99.99 auction59130
Elvis Presley-DEBUT RCA lp-1st press-w/"Just Because" credited(P.D)public domain, thumbnail_release80_332373436101.jpg
USD 49.99 auction59133
1956 ELVIS PRESLEY LP RARE PALE PINK COVER RCA VICTOR LPM 1254 G2 PP1283-9S R, thumbnail_release80_192301770044.jpg
USD 20.0 auction59042
Elvis Presley - ELVIS PRESLEY (LPM-1254) - Third Pressing , thumbnail_release80_122652523064.jpg
USD 9.99 auction58343
ELVIS PRESLEY - LPM 1254 LP - ELVIS IN PALE PINK - GREEN LOGO BOX, thumbnail_release80_352146165031.jpg
USD 18.5 auction58344
ELVIS PRESLEY LPM 1254 - 1ST PRESSING - "LONG PLAY" DEEP GROOVE WITH BAGGY, thumbnail_release80_362077997329.jpg
USD 79.09 auction58345
Elvis Presley self titled debut LP 1956 pressing, thumbnail_release80_311946569143.jpg
USD 5.5 auction58651
ELVIS PRESLEY Red Vinyl Lp SELF TITLED W/Poster 1st RCA Album 2003 Press SEALED!, thumbnail_release80_162640115553.jpg
USD 14.95 auction58347
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Elvis 8 song EP~ EPB 1254 with NO DOG  labels in promo-sleeve plus a promo photo, thumbnail_release80_170924645622.jpg
USD 2750.56 auction7575
Elvis Presley LPM 1254 Self Titled 1st LP MINT Original 1956 RARE, thumbnail_release80_160805350852.jpg
USD 1136.0 auction5264
ELVIS PRESLEY RARE 1ST  1956 LP(RCA LPM-1254)STONE MINT CONDITION//1ST PRESSING, thumbnail_release80_350562064512.jpg
USD 887.77 auction4542
ELVIS PRESLEY'S 1ST LP- "ELVIS PRESLEY"- RCA VICTOR LPM-1254- N. MINT 1ST PRESS!, thumbnail_release80_290710150107.jpg
USD 611.99 auction4888
ELVIS PRESLEY, Elvis Presley. 1956 RCA LPM-1254 Mono LP. NM Vinyl, EXC Cover, thumbnail_release80_370950807991.jpg
USD 611.51 auction25810
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ELVIS PRESLEY~LPM 1254-C~LONG PLAY~FROM GERMANY! DATED 1956! MUST CC!! , thumbnail_release80_320770031439.jpg
USD 49.99 auction242
Elvis Presley First Record (1956), thumbnail_release80_230683308142.jpg
USD 20.0 auction243
Original Elvis Presley Debut Album, thumbnail_release80_150671912782.jpg
USD 50.0 auction135
USD 28.88 auction210
Elvis Presley Debut Album (RCA Victor LPM 1254), thumbnail_release80_140613876368.jpg
USD 210.0 auction208
1956 Elvis Presley RCA Debut Album record LPM-1254 VG+, thumbnail_release80_220868320396.jpg
USD 17.04 auction209
Elvis Presley RCA Victor LPM 1254 Record, thumbnail_release80_250903342182.jpg
USD 15.5 auction229
ELVIS PRESLEY  DEBUT ALBUM  1956 RCA LPM-1254, thumbnail_release80_170704249718.jpg
USD 90.0 auction134
ELVIS PRESLEY 1956  ALBUM GOOD CONDITION, thumbnail_release80_260863076543.jpg
USD 29.0 auction206
ELVIS PRESLEY 1956 DEBUT ALBUM RCA VICTOR LPM-1254 RECORD ALBUM, thumbnail_release80_290615030228.jpg
USD 30.0 auction207
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RCA Victor - RCA LPM 1254

Elvis Presley

Catalogue number

published cat.number:
RCA Victor RCA LPM 1254

alternative cat.number:
RCA Victor LPM1254

General info

Date released: 1956-03-00
Country released: USA
Release type: LP (12")

Value indication

last updated:
891 auction(s)
416 sale(s)
popularity: 47%

$ 2750.56 max value
$ 3.00 min value
$ 90.43 avg value


Publisher: RCA Victor
Cover design: