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Elvis Presley (a.o. Blue Suede Shoes), release: RCA EPA 747

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Elvis Presley EPA-747 Self Titled 1st EP 1956 Original , thumbnail_release78_192385065166.jpg
USD 21.55 auction59466
ELVIS PRESLEY-45rpm-Blue Suede Shoes/Tutti Frutti-RCA Victor EPA 747, thumbnail_release78_292363155862.jpg
USD 10.0 auction59469
Elvis Presley 45rpm 7" 4-Song Vinyl Single Record in Picture Sleeve RCA EPA-747, thumbnail_release78_382261088654.jpg
USD 24.99 auction59402
Elvis Presley Blue Suede Shoes EP EPA-747 dog on side, thumbnail_release78_162685802471.jpg
USD 19.99 auction59272
Elvis Presley ~ EPA-747 ~ RARE EP!!, thumbnail_release78_282652501965.jpg
USD 13.0 auction59033
ELVIS PRESLEY WOW!!  HIS VERY 1ST EPA RECORD EPA 747 WITH THE PD CREDIT , thumbnail_release78_272849027929.jpg
USD 44.44 auction59128
ELVIS PRESLEY WOW!!  HIS VERY 1ST EPA RECORD EPA 747 WITH THE PD CREDIT , thumbnail_release78_282644508910.jpg
USD 44.44 auction59043
 Silver Lined Package Elvis Presley "Elvis Presley"  EPA-747, thumbnail_release78_152671074018.jpg
USD 13.25 auction58339
Elvis Presley  "Mystery Sleeve" 1955 RCA Victor, thumbnail_release78_372054318457.jpg
USD 80.0 auction58650
Elvis "Elvis Presley" RCA EPA 747 1956, thumbnail_release78_263152306451.jpg
USD 31.0 auction58037
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Elvis 8 song EP~ EPB 1254 with NO DOG  labels in promo-sleeve plus a promo photo, thumbnail_release78_170924645622.jpg
USD 2750.56 auction7566
Vintage 1956 Elvis Presley EPA 747 Record With Rare Temporary Sleeve Blue Suede, thumbnail_release78_161115840159.jpg
USD 1575.0 auction24374
Elvis Presley EP - Same EPA-747 - Top Open - Germany - RARE , thumbnail_release78_251048044601.jpg
USD 1280.01 auction4515
HUGE LOT!!  380 ELVIS PRESLEY 45's!!!  45's, P/S, EPs  Amazing Collection!!!, thumbnail_release78_271147738896.jpg
USD 527.56 auction10947
Elvis Presley 1956 Temporary Sleeve EPA-747 (sleeve only), thumbnail_release78_221305486450.jpg
USD 521.0 auction24504
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elvis presley-epa 747- vinyl ep 7 inch 2011 sealed, thumbnail_release78_140622584773.jpg
USD 74.79 auction338
Elvis Presley EPA-747,ELVIS PRESLEY-USA-1956,RARE!!!!!, thumbnail_release78_270833537093.jpg
USD 63.24 auction318
Elvis Presley EPA 747 P.D.Version RCA US original1956 45 rpm EP + Bonus SPA-7-21, thumbnail_release78_190588258033.jpg
USD 7.02 auction316
Elvis Presley EPA 747 RCA US original1956 45 rpm EP mit Bildcover (top erhalten), thumbnail_release78_190588259459.jpg
USD 51.19 auction317
ELVIS PRESLEY 45 EP EPA 747 ON THE RCA LABEL , thumbnail_release78_370550481625.jpg
USD 5.51 auction306
ELVIS PRESLEY 1956 "ELVIS PRESLEY" RCA EPA-747 VG++ CONDITION  RARE  , thumbnail_release78_260871006776.jpg
USD 24.99 auction276
Elvis Presles Same  EPA-747  VG+  488, thumbnail_release78_250907354627.jpg
USD 30.65 auction296
Elvis Presley Blue Suede Shoes/Tutti Frutti  45 RCA Victor EPA-747, thumbnail_release78_170712010397.jpg
USD 42.09 auction305
Elvis Presley 1st Album, thumbnail_release78_280749793136.jpg
USD 243.47 auction133
2)Elvis orig. "Anyway You Want Me" EPA-965 /And EPA-747 "Blue Sude Shoes', thumbnail_release78_190582839753.jpg
USD 39.99 auction203
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RCA Victor - RCA EPA 747

Elvis Presley (a.o. Blue Suede Shoes)

Catalogue number

published cat.number:
RCA Victor RCA EPA 747

alternative cat.number:
RCA Victor EPA747

General info

Date released: 1956-03-00
Country released: USA
Release type: EP (7")

Value indication

last updated:
622 auction(s)
265 sale(s)
popularity: 43%

$ 2750.56 max value
$ 0.99 min value
$ 79.76 avg value


Publisher: RCA Victor
Cover design: