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Led Zeppelin III (USA), release: 7201

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Led Zeppelin III 3 Atlantic 7201 1970 Vinyl LP Album hard rock record, thumbnail_release71_253148123827.jpg
USD 7.5 auction59126
Led Zeppelin III, LP SD7201 Very Good Vinyl,NO Scratches, Spinner Works, thumbnail_release71_182757834536.jpg
USD 8.5 auction59040
Led Zeppelin Iii Vinyl Only Lp No Jacket Sd7201, thumbnail_release71_142497132982.jpg
USD 1.0 auction58950
Led Zeppelin III Lp 1970 Atlantic Records Sd 7201, thumbnail_release71_152684520379.jpg
USD 6.0 auction58875
CRANIUM'S Led Zeppelin III 1841 Broadway label Lp orig WHEEL cover 3 three, thumbnail_release71_112548849048.jpg
USD 9.99 auction58882
Excellent 1970 Rock LP  LED ZEPPELIN "Led Zeppelin III" ATLANTIC RECORDS #7201, thumbnail_release71_302421236132.jpg
USD 9.5 auction58256
LED ZEPPELIN III 12" Vinyl LP 33RPM NM Atlantic SD 7201 HARD ROCK So Mote Be It, thumbnail_release71_182727233578.jpg
USD 8.58 auction58648
LED ZEPPELIN 3 ATLANTIC SD 7201 US Vinyl LP, thumbnail_release71_253109237787.jpg
USD 3.25 auction58649
Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin 3 -  Original 1st pressing - 1970 - SD 7201 , thumbnail_release71_253104379292.jpg
USD 0.69 auction58032
LED ZEPPELIN III - RARE 1970 PRESSING PRESSWELL W/ CLUB STICKER VG+/VG++ LP PIN, thumbnail_release71_263161950709.jpg
USD 14.95 auction58333
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Led Zeppelin III Rare White Label Promo LP, thumbnail_release71_311352103507.jpg
USD 910.0 auction44675
LED ZEPPELIN III Atlantic WL PROMO 1970 LP SD-7201 Superb, thumbnail_release71_380450689298.jpg
USD 393.88 auction5718
LED ZEPPELIN: Led Zeppelin III, ATLANTIC,  Factory Sealed lp! die cut, thumbnail_release71_170720928620.jpg
USD 382.77 auction587
LED ZEPPELIN Led Zeppelin III LP Factory Sealed ATLANTIC Die Cut Cover Page , thumbnail_release71_370682545987.jpg
USD 305.0 auction8483
Led Zeppelin, Three LP Test Pressing SS, thumbnail_release71_400619538908.jpg
USD 300.99 auction26347
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USD 15.48 auction45
Led Zeppelin - 3 - 200g Quiex LP - Mint Sealed Classic, thumbnail_release71_160654517420.jpg
USD 72.74 auction50
LED ZEPPELIN III, ORIG. US LP '70, FUNCTIONAL WHEEL &  HAND-WRITTEN MATRIX NOTES, thumbnail_release71_220863451635.jpg
USD 8.97 auction58
Led Zeppelin   "Led Zeppelin 3"     Atlantic   w/ Wheel, thumbnail_release71_220861053152.jpg
USD 31.0 auction59
LED ZEPPELIN 3  - RARE RED LABEL , thumbnail_release71_280744215205.jpg
USD 20.51 auction44
Led Zeppelin "III" Australian pressing Die cut sleeve SD 7201 Ex++, thumbnail_release71_110749272154.jpg
USD 19.63 auction43
LP-Sammlung Led Zeppelin I, II und III (1-3) OIS, Gimmix-Cover,FOC, thumbnail_release71_250897433095.jpg
USD 53.3 auction53
Led Zeppelin  III, thumbnail_release71_160655055580.jpg
USD 13.9 auction41
LED ZEPPELIN III LP Ultra Rare Transparente Vinyl In The Light CANADA MINT, thumbnail_release71_330616831406.jpg
USD 26.0 auction42
LP prog,psych,kraut,jazz,blues.LED ZEPPELIN III ATLANTIC / SD 7201, thumbnail_release71_200655508803.jpg
USD 27.27 auction54
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Atlantic - 7201

Led Zeppelin III (USA)

Led Zeppelin III (USA), ledzeppeliniii.jpg

Catalogue number

published cat.number:
Atlantic 7201

alternative cat.number:
Atlantic SD 7201

General info

Date released: 1970-00-00
Country released: USA
Release type: Double LP (12")

Value indication

last updated:
1101 auction(s)
661 sale(s)
popularity: 60%

$ 910.00 max value
$ 1.99 min value
$ 41.97 avg value


Publisher: Atlantic
Cover design: