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Hard Day's Night, release: R 5160

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THE BEATLES - A HARD DAY'S NIGHT UK 1ST PRESS 7" SINGLE , thumbnail_release269_123943276899.jpg
USD 3.21 auction61128
The Beatles - A Hard Day's Night - R 5160 - 7" Vinyl - KT stamped. , thumbnail_release269_143360149837.jpg
USD 2.21 auction61091
THE BEATLES..A  HARD DAYS NIGHT/THINGS WE SAID TODAY...HOLLAND  R-5160, thumbnail_release269_293042331333.jpg
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The Beatles "A Hard Day's Night b/w Things We Said Today" Ex Parlophone R 5160, thumbnail_release269_163638505496.jpg
USD 2.61 auction60839
THE BEATLES - A HARD DAYS NIGHT, thumbnail_release269_292924274072.jpg
USD 2.26 auction60694
The Beatles Hard Days Night 7" Vinyl, thumbnail_release269_192413235005.jpg
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7" vinyl single by The Beatles: A Hard Day's Night/Things We Said Today, thumbnail_release269_322778206412.jpg
USD 3.34 auction59321
The Beatles A Hard Day's Night / Things We Said Today 7" Parlophone R5160 Sweden, thumbnail_release269_222611496689.jpg
USD 30.0 auction57942
The Beatles : Hard Day's Night / Things We Said Today - DANISH Parlophone R 5160, thumbnail_release269_172818181945.jpg
USD 3.92 auction57943
small job lot of 6 beatles singles, thumbnail_release269_182715270812.jpg
USD 7.7 auction57945
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JOB LOT of 20 x 7" singles 45s and EPs by THE BEATLES, thumbnail_release269_112527438970.jpg
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THE BEATLES=A HARD DAY'S NIGHT  EX, thumbnail_release269_372000227285.jpg
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JOB LOT OF 5 X BEATLES 7" VINYL RECORD SINGLES ALL LISTED, thumbnail_release269_371862571524.jpg
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Beatles - Hard Day's Night Things We Said UK Parlophone R 5160 45 w/ pic sleeve, thumbnail_release269_201519773264.jpg
BEATLES a hard day's night - things we said VINYL UK singles collection 1976 nm, thumbnail_release269_151981117469.jpg
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R5160 - The Beatles - A Hard Day's Night 7 Inch Single, thumbnail_release269_281929462159.jpg
The Beatles, A HARD DAY’S NIGHT/THINGS WE SAID TODAY 1964 ORIGINAL UK VINYL 45., thumbnail_release269_172088954369.jpg
USD 7.21 auction48392
Vinyl Record      The Beatles - A hard day's night / Things we said today.  1964, thumbnail_release269_301866073085.jpg
Beatles A hard days night  Parlophone R 5160 VG+, thumbnail_release269_272116727136.jpg
USD 1.43 auction47865
Beatles - Hard Day's Night Things We Said UK Parlophone R 5160 45 w/ pic sleeve, thumbnail_release269_201510845553.jpg
45 rpm ORIGINAL UK R5160 "A hard day's night" The Beatles with Parlophone cover, thumbnail_release269_391369996651.jpg
USD 14.49 auction47867
The Beatles - A Hard Days Night - Rock 7" Single - U.K. Import, thumbnail_release269_361475815017.jpg
The Beatles A Hard Days Night c/w Things We Said Today Ex Cond 1N-1N. R5160, thumbnail_release269_201513437624.jpg
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Parlophone - R 5160

Hard Day's Night

Catalogue number

published cat.number:
Parlophone R 5160

alternative cat.number:
Parlophone R5160

General info

Date released: 1964-07-10
Country released:
Release type: single (7")

Value indication

last updated:
69 auction(s)
29 sale(s)
popularity: 42%

$ 57.65 max value
$ 1.25 min value
$ 13.65 avg value


Publisher: Parlophone
Cover design: