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Abbey Road, release: PCS-7088

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Abbey Road The Beatles - PCS 7088 12" vinyl LP [1980's pressing] YEX 749-6 750-4, thumbnail_release250_112530655688.jpg
USD 12.81 auction58570
THE BEATLES ABBEY ROAD UK APPLE LABEL PCS 7088 NM, thumbnail_release250_391872195217.jpg
USD 24.99 auction58789
THE BEATLES - ABBEY ROAD - UK STEREO LP PCS7088 - 2/1 - SALE PRICE, thumbnail_release250_362079792060.jpg
USD 5.09 auction58790
beatles- abbey road first press vinyl lp, thumbnail_release250_401388626978.jpg
USD 12.88 auction58791
Lot Of 2 Original Beatles LP Abbey Road UK Import, thumbnail_release250_192281873635.jpg
USD 10.0 auction58569
The Beatles Abbey Road Vinyl Lot PCS 7088 Mis-aligned UK 1st Press, thumbnail_release250_142480122024.jpg
USD 14.99 auction58202
The Beatles Import LP "Abbey Road" on UK Apple Label PCS 7088 16 track in Stereo, thumbnail_release250_222613119510.jpg
USD 39.95 auction57900
THE BEATLES - Abbey Road - UK STEREO LP - APPLE PCS 7088, thumbnail_release250_352142783790.jpg
USD 3.84 auction57902
Beatles Abbey Road, 1969, PCS 7088, (Vinyl), thumbnail_release250_272803739535.jpg
USD 70.69 auction57903
The Beatles Abbey Road 180G Sealed RM US Pressing., thumbnail_release250_182716066402.jpg
USD 14.5 auction57904
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BEATLES * ABBEY ROAD * ORIGINAL 1969 1ST PRESS UK LP PCS 7088 NICE EXAMPLE !, thumbnail_release250_302357018515.jpg
USD 329.57 auction55115
 BEATLES  ABBEY ROAD ORIGINAL1969 U.K.APPLE IMMACULATE VINYL  NEAR MINT CON, thumbnail_release250_302478013034.jpg
USD 189.31 auction59380
THE BEATLES - ABBEY ROAD LP **1ST PRESS**, thumbnail_release250_261884042635.jpg
USD 104.33 auction45451
The BEATLES *Abbey Road* ORIGINAL 1969 Uk LP PCS7088 No Her Majesty !  EX+, thumbnail_release250_302200701075.jpg
USD 91.48 auction50193
THE BEATLES ABBEY ROAD UK 1st Press  LP Stunning HARDLY USED  COPY EX plus Con , thumbnail_release250_301872175901.jpg
USD 85.95 auction49161
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THE BEATLES - ABBEY ROAD LP **1ST PRESS**, thumbnail_release250_261884042635.jpg
USD 104.33 auction45451
BEATLES "ABBEY ROAD" 1969 LP PCS7088 FIRST PRESSING IN VERY GOOD CONDITION, thumbnail_release250_301625588034.jpg
USD 51.39 auction45453
THE BEATLES ABBEY ROAD 1969 UK PRESS APPLE PCS 7088 VINYL PLAYS VG+ / EXCELLENT, thumbnail_release250_111667814454.jpg
USD 26.47 auction45454
THE BEATLES- ABBEY ROAD LP * UK 1969 1ST PRESS- APPLE RECORDS * , thumbnail_release250_271868395063.jpg
The Beatles, Abbey Road, PCS 7088, UK Vinyl LP, thumbnail_release250_231607343935.jpg
The Beatles - 'Abbey Road' UK Apple LP PCS7088!, thumbnail_release250_191618274824.jpg
USD 26.47 auction45858
THE BEATLES 'ABBEY ROAD' 1969 LP APPLE PCS-7088 NEAR-MINT WAX! SOUNDS GREAT!!, thumbnail_release250_191601035097.jpg
THE BEATLES - ABBEY ROAD - PCS7088 - MATRIX YEX 749-2 - APPLE, thumbnail_release250_191616966509.jpg
USD 15.57 auction45860
Beatles LP Abbey Road Green Vinyl Export Issue Great Condition, thumbnail_release250_191615582043.jpg
USD 77.86 auction45861
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- PCS-7088

Abbey Road

Abbey Road,

Catalogue number

published cat.number:

alternative cat.number:
PCS 7088

General info

Date released: 1969
Country released: UK
Release type: LP (12")

Value indication

last updated:
97 auction(s)
60 sale(s)
popularity: 62%

$ 329.57 max value
$ 9.25 min value
$ 40.82 avg value


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