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Obscured By Clouds, UK, release: SHSP 4020

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PINK FLOYD - Obscured By Clouds - UK 1ST PRESSING 1972 , thumbnail_release241_323889557841.jpg
USD 36.81 auction61060
PINK FLOYD Obscured By Clouds 1st UK Press SHSP4020 A4 B4 ROUNDED SLEEVE 1972, thumbnail_release241_202648099921.jpg
USD 32.75 auction60834
Pink Floyd LP Obscured by clouds UK Harvest 1st press A-1 B-1 LOVELY COPY, thumbnail_release241_153442072560.jpg
USD 26.19 auction60840
Pink Floyd ‎– Obscured By Clouds VINYL, thumbnail_release241_333148089321.jpg
USD 17.03 auction60842
Pink Floyd 'Obscured by Clouds' Vinyl LP., thumbnail_release241_113505645963.jpg
USD 8.81 auction60629
PINK FLOYD OBSCURED BY CLOUDS RARE A2/B2 ORIGINAL 1972 STUNNING MINT SHSP 4020, thumbnail_release241_303009380766.jpg
USD 29.16 auction60561
vinyl records - pink floyd - obscured by clouds, thumbnail_release241_132383278400.jpg
USD 19.6 auction59442
PINK FLOYD- OBSCURED BY CLOUDS SHSP 4020 EMI HARVEST UK 1972 UK 12 " LP STEREO, thumbnail_release241_263153985716.jpg
USD 12.82 auction58193
PINK FLOYD - OBSCURED BY CLOUDS (LP VINYL - HARVEST SHSP 4020 - ROUND CORNERS), thumbnail_release241_332341234323.jpg
USD 3.47 auction57878
Pink Floyd OBSCURED BY CLOUDS  Harvest  UK SHSP 4020 A-4/B-4  Ex, thumbnail_release241_322652747734.jpg
USD 34.06 auction57881
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Pink Floyd  "Obscured By Clouds" U:K Original 1st Label  N/M!!, thumbnail_release241_332315643341.jpg
USD 47.31 auction56885
PINK FLOYD Obscured By Clouds - Original UK LP on Harvest - Prog Psych, thumbnail_release241_401063593769.jpg
USD 46.35 auction47830
Pink Floyd - Obscured By Clouds 1972 UK LP HARVEST 1st w/STICKERED SLEEVE A1/B1, thumbnail_release241_273594130664.jpg
USD 42.96 auction60432
Pink Floyd Obscured By Clouds Original UK Press Round Sleeve - A2 B2, thumbnail_release241_391697770279.jpg
USD 40.08 auction51642
PINK FLOYD  OBSCURED BY CLOUDS  LP  UK ORIG  ROUND CORNERED ISSUE!! , thumbnail_release241_141887166508.jpg
USD 36.88 auction47507
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PINK FLOYD--Obscured By Clouds-AUSTRALIAN 1ST Pressing 1972 LP--HARVEST Label, thumbnail_release241_111735597011.jpg
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The Pink Floyd Collection - Vinyl record boxset. Rock and roll., thumbnail_release241_261999382262.jpg
Pink Floyd, Obscured by clouds, stereo, 1972, thumbnail_release241_311354904756.jpg
Pink Floyd  LP  Obscured By Clouds  , thumbnail_release241_311354937029.jpg
USD 15.57 auction45431
PINK FLOYD~OBSCURED BY CLOUDS~UK ORIG’72 LP HARVEST SHSP 4020 1st PRESSING, thumbnail_release241_221769742955.jpg
USD 30.0 auction45432
Pink Floyd - Obscured By Clouds (Harvest UK Original LP 1972) A-1/ B-1. Near EX, thumbnail_release241_201378540668.jpg
USD 30.1 auction45835
PINK FLOYD - OBSCURED BY CLOUDS * 1st PRESS A1/B1 * 1972 HARVEST TEXTURED SLEEVE, thumbnail_release241_351440936720.jpg
USD 29.59 auction45836
Pink Floyd - 1972 Obscured by Clouds LP vinyl, thumbnail_release241_291501236697.jpg
USD 40.0 auction45837
The Pink Floyd Collection - Vinyl record boxset. Rock and roll., thumbnail_release241_261951848124.jpg
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- SHSP 4020

Obscured By Clouds, UK

Obscured By Clouds, UK,

Catalogue number

published cat.number:
SHSP 4020

alternative cat.number:

General info

Date released: 1972
Country released: UK
Release type: LP (12")

Value indication

last updated:
82 auction(s)
37 sale(s)
popularity: 45%

$ 47.31 max value
$ 5.66 min value
$ 23.30 avg value


Cover design: