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The Beatles (white album) first UK STEREO Pressing, release: PCS 7067

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BEATLES WHITE ALBUM DIGITAL REMASTER LP 2009  2 RECORD SET WITH INSERT, thumbnail_release218_362416662155.jpg
USD 500.0 auction60260
Original Beatles White Album •NO COVER• Vinyl 2 LP Apple Records PCS 7067/7068, thumbnail_release218_173064431744.jpg
USD 15.56 auction59651
The Beatles 'The Beatles' White Album, thumbnail_release218_253335561500.jpg
USD 27.01 auction59663
BEATLES WHITE ALBUM UK 2LP WITH POSTER, PHOTOS INSERT PCS 7067 NM, thumbnail_release218_311945954517.jpg
USD 49.99 auction58774
The Beatles "The Beatles" On Apple. Sealed. White Vinyl. Raised Letters. UK., thumbnail_release218_401389703218.jpg
USD 99.98 auction58776
BEATLES: WHITE ALBUM VINYL RECORD LP TOP LOADER APPLE IMPORT PCS 7067, thumbnail_release218_292223186373.jpg
USD 34.99 auction58543
Beatles White Album UK 2 LP Top Loader Stereo #0552032 1st Pressing 1/1/1/1 VG, thumbnail_release218_172827493153.jpg
USD 49.99 auction58545
The Beatles White Album White Vinyl UK Pressing 1978 PCS 7067-8, thumbnail_release218_272804252970.jpg
USD 50.0 auction57855
BEATLES: WHITE ALBUM VINYL RECORD LP TOP LOADER APPLE IMPORT PCS 7067, thumbnail_release218_302416263043.jpg
USD 39.99 auction57857
Beatles White Album UK 2 LP Top Loader Stereo #0552032 1st Pressing 1/1/1/1 VG, thumbnail_release218_172814423094.jpg
USD 49.99 auction57858
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The Beatles THE WHITE ALBUM ORIGINAL 1968 UK **mono** WIDE SPINE 2 VINYL LP SET., thumbnail_release218_131082989040.jpg
USD 1299.16 auction27216
THE BEATLES WHITE ALBUM 1968 UK pressed, Parlophone EXPORT P-PCS 7067, thumbnail_release218_232229308134.jpg
USD 1271.05 auction51472
BEATLES White Album UK 1st Press STEREO Apple PCS 7067/8 Nr MINT Psych Complete!, thumbnail_release218_130880275436.jpg
USD 1224.74 auction14211
 THE BEATLES WHITE ALBUM 1968 UK EXPORT PARLOPHONE Stereo TOP LOADING P-PCS 7067, thumbnail_release218_322393830122.jpg
USD 1209.0 auction50486
THE BEATLES WHITE ALBUM MINT MONO Complete TOP AUDIO superb 1st press~~~~~~~~~~~, thumbnail_release218_261366448603.jpg
USD 1141.28 auction27722
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The Beatles - White Album - Irish Pressing - *** Made in Ireland ***  Unplayed , thumbnail_release218_221206059032.jpg
USD 87.89 auction13639
THE BEATLES- s/t THE WHITE ALBUM RARE 1968 ORIGINAL UK IMPORT w/POSTER & PHOTOS!, thumbnail_release218_290887132526.jpg
USD 49.99 auction13872
BEATLES White Album Top Loader With Low Number Nice Original, thumbnail_release218_310640090352.jpg
USD 82.92 auction13873
BEATLES NZ LP -The Beatles(White Album), New Zealand 70's EMI label E condition, thumbnail_release218_181111995035.jpg
USD 299.99 auction13874
THE BEATLES White Album Direct Metal Remastered UK 2 LP Set NM UK COMPLETE, thumbnail_release218_310640515543.jpg
USD 41.0 auction13875
USD 195.68 auction14208
THE BEATLES:THE WHITE ALBUM,1968,APPLE,DBL LP,YEX 1/3/1/1,EX, thumbnail_release218_390562895725.jpg
USD 47.07 auction13635
BEATLES WHITE ALBUM INDIA PCS 7067/7068 , thumbnail_release218_271178724592.jpg
USD 123.0 auction13636
White Album LP No.0121911 (4 Pics, Lyric Book) PCS7067/8  by The Beatles, thumbnail_release218_171013284904.jpg
USD 56.02 auction13637
THE BEATLES "THE BEATLES WHITE ALBUM" APPLE ORIGINAL TOPLOADER NO.0021780, thumbnail_release218_400428115088.jpg
USD 109.33 auction13638
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Parlophone - PCS 7067

The Beatles (white album) first UK STEREO Pressing

Catalogue number

published cat.number:
Parlophone PCS 7067

alternative cat.number:
Parlophone PCS-7067

General info

Date released: 1968-00-00
Country released: GB
Release type: Double LP (12")

Value indication

last updated:
369 auction(s)
210 sale(s)
popularity: 57%

$ 1299.16 max value
$ 1.37 min value
$ 141.73 avg value


Publisher: Parlophone
Cover design: