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The Beatles (white album) first UK MONO Pressing, release: PMC 7067

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The Beatles white album original vinyl double with inserts. No: 0214027, thumbnail_release217_292647336287.jpg
USD 190.68 auction60219
The Beatles White Album Double LP Original UK Mono Very Low Number 0001704 , thumbnail_release217_263543568535.jpg
USD 901.36 auction59917
The Beatles White Album Nov 1968 LOW NUMBERED 0052002.   PMC 7067/8, thumbnail_release217_182950460209.jpg
USD 134.18 auction59510
The Beatles ‘White Album’ Mono 1st press matrices Complete as original. Superb C, thumbnail_release217_222642891003.jpg
USD 62.3 auction59242
BBC 1960's Library Copy Beatles LP PMC7067, thumbnail_release217_202057627900.jpg
USD 33.86 auction59245
THE BEATLES - WHITE ALBUM 0289957, thumbnail_release217_322663887971.jpg
USD 257.35 auction58540
Beatles "White Album" CD PMC 7067/8, thumbnail_release217_282625863156.jpg
USD 21.0 auction58772
The Beatles "The Beatles" On Apple. Sealed. White Vinyl. Raised Letters. UK., thumbnail_release217_401389703218.jpg
USD 99.98 auction58539
Beatles "White Album" CD PMC 7067/8, thumbnail_release217_282614581715.jpg
USD 25.0 auction58179
The Beatles White Album with poster, 4 photos, black inner sleeves, no. 0070834, thumbnail_release217_162636227046.jpg
USD 96.43 auction58180
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THE BEATLES WHITE ALBUM MONO low No.0006775 EX UK 1968 day 1 issue KT TAX CODE, thumbnail_release217_301026407034.jpg
USD 2472.45 auction26022
THE BEATLES WHITE ALBUM - No 0000050, thumbnail_release217_222543693874.jpg
USD 2312.61 auction54196
THE BEATLES WHITE ALBUM MONO MINT Complete TOP AUDIO superb WIDE SPINE 1st press, thumbnail_release217_261226277101.jpg
USD 1518.07 auction19923
The Beatles WHITE ALBUM AN OUTSTANDING UK 1ST ISSUE GENUINE FACTORY SAMPLE SET., thumbnail_release217_131064367164.jpg
USD 1303.03 auction26321
The Beatles THE WHITE ALBUM ORIGINAL 1968 UK **mono** WIDE SPINE 2 VINYL LP SET., thumbnail_release217_131082989040.jpg
USD 1299.16 auction27213
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BEATLES Parlophone PMC 7067 mono Vg+ THE WHITE ALBUM No 0527742/Back In The USSR, thumbnail_release217_400452911191.jpg
USD 154.01 auction14461
The Beatles White Album UK LP Press № 012051 MONO Double Vinyl g/f FULL INSERTS, thumbnail_release217_171018037136.jpg
USD 315.0 auction14462
THE BEATLES - White Album - Original Mono - Toploader - Pics & Poster - EX+ , thumbnail_release217_290887367595.jpg
USD 422.18 auction13632
*BEATLES - WHITE ALBUM. UK 1968 MONO 1ST PRESSING NO.0296239 TOP OPENING SLEEVE*, thumbnail_release217_151019154498.jpg
USD 225.67 auction13633
****BEATLES - WHITE ALBUM. UK 1968 MONO 1ST PRESSING NO.0100451 COMPLETE SET****, thumbnail_release217_151019099549.jpg
USD 331.6 auction13634
THE BEATLES*WHITE ALBUM*1969*APPLE*MONO*SCARCE EARLY NUMBER 0024600*TOP OPENING, thumbnail_release217_360624569594.jpg
USD 1.52 auction13870
USD 141.24 auction13871
BEATLES ~ WHITE ALBUM ** 1968 UK 1st APPLE LP TOP OPENER MONO COMPLETE, thumbnail_release217_390570005499.jpg
USD 103.17 auction14207
Beatles 1968 UK Ist Press MONO """"""  WHITE ALBUM  LP, thumbnail_release217_181108187455.jpg
USD 259.66 auction13630
BEATLES - WHITE ALBUM - OG UK MONO APPLE DBL LP 1/1/1/1, thumbnail_release217_380604051202.jpg
USD 253.59 auction13631
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Parlophone - PMC 7067

The Beatles (white album) first UK MONO Pressing

Catalogue number

published cat.number:
Parlophone PMC 7067

alternative cat.number:
Parlophone PMC-7067

General info

Date released: 0000-00-00
Country released: GB
Release type: Double LP (12")

Value indication

last updated:
293 auction(s)
184 sale(s)
popularity: 63%

$ 2472.45 max value
$ 0.99 min value
$ 293.17 avg value


Publisher: Parlophone
Cover design: