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Revolver first US MONO Pressing, release: T-2576

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The Beatles - Revolver LP - Capitol T-2576 - Mono, thumbnail_release212_332392182374.jpg
USD 3.99 auction59312
Beatles Revolver US Capitol 1st Pressing T 2576 Mono VG, thumbnail_release212_172862227989.jpg
USD 19.99 auction59165
Rock lp~The Beatles~Revolver~orig 1966 Capital colorband mono~exc, thumbnail_release212_172859767979.jpg
USD 12.99 auction59170
Beatles Revolver US Capitol 1st Pressing T 2576 Mono VG, thumbnail_release212_172849962362.jpg
USD 29.99 auction58922
Lot Of  6 Original Beatles LP, thumbnail_release212_192281876447.jpg
USD 33.0 auction58166
Beatles Revolver US Capitol 1st Pressing T 2576 Mono VG, thumbnail_release212_172827493154.jpg
USD 29.99 auction58164
Beatles Revolver Lp First US Press RCA DG 1966 RIAA 6 Lennon/McCartney VG/VG+, thumbnail_release212_202026037076.jpg
USD 10.0 auction58165
The Beatles - Capitol T 2576 - Revolver, thumbnail_release212_142472414146.jpg
USD 4.25 auction57825
Beatles Revolver US Capitol 1st Pressing T 2576 Mono VG, thumbnail_release212_172814423100.jpg
USD 29.99 auction57827
RARE!!   THE BEATLES LP  " REVOLVER "  CAPITOL # T-2576 RAINBOW BAND LABEL 1966, thumbnail_release212_253094257302.jpg
USD 9.99 auction57828
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THE BEATLES REVOLVER LP STILL SEALED, thumbnail_release212_261403934288.jpg
USD 1050.0 auction30696
THE BEATLES REVOLVER LP STILL SEALED, thumbnail_release212_251411368271.jpg
USD 581.92 auction26793
BEATLES RECORDS - 25 LP LOT!!!!! VG+ AND BETTER!, thumbnail_release212_201045646464.jpg
USD 500.0 auction31236
THE BEATLES LP VINYL RECORD COLLECTION LOT OF 21 ALBUMS (1963-1973) 42D, thumbnail_release212_311272127714.jpg
USD 263.3 auction43792
USD 227.5 auction19361
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The Beatles: "Revolver", Original (First) US Mono Pressing, 1966, NM- LP, Nice, thumbnail_release212_321094187189.jpg
USD 88.01 auction13298
THE BEATLES “REVOLVER” T 2576 MONO ORIGINAL PRESS w/SHRINK #6 (1966) 12" LP EX, thumbnail_release212_151016473206.jpg
USD 100.99 auction13299
BEATLES REVOLVER CAPITOL T-2576 MONO ORIGINAL 1966 PRESSING 12" LP Rainbow Label, thumbnail_release212_230949722156.jpg
USD 9.95 auction13300
THE BEATLES “REVOLVER” T 2576 MONO (1966) 12” LP ORIGINAL PRESS w/ INNER SLEEVE, thumbnail_release212_151016473204.jpg
USD 9.06 auction13301
THE BEATLES ~ REVOLVER ~ ORIGINAL CAPITOL  LP ~ T ~ 2576  , thumbnail_release212_321096019448.jpg
USD 9.99 auction13608
The Beatles~Revolver LP~MONO T 2576, thumbnail_release212_221204989508.jpg
USD 9.99 auction13609
CDN.lp Mono. The Beatles" Revolver " T-2576" ( TI-2576-PI ), thumbnail_release212_390565238594.jpg
USD 19.99 auction13610
The Beatles Revolver - T 2576 Captial (Mono), thumbnail_release212_151018409283.jpg
USD 30.0 auction13850
G+ The Beatles Revolver LP Album, thumbnail_release212_350750393680.jpg
USD 7.21 auction13851
Beatles Revolver Capitol T 2576 Rainbow MONO, thumbnail_release212_261187054410.jpg
USD 28.99 auction13297
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Capitol - T-2576

Revolver first US MONO Pressing

Catalogue number

published cat.number:
Capitol T-2576

alternative cat.number:
Capitol T 2576

General info

Date released: 1966-00-00
Country released: USA
Release type: LP (12")

Value indication

last updated:
348 auction(s)
155 sale(s)
popularity: 45%

$ 1050.00 max value
$ 1.99 min value
$ 45.86 avg value


Publisher: Capitol
Cover design: