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Space Oddity, release: LSP 4813

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David Bowie Space Oddity LP EX vinyl, thumbnail_release200_332359670383.jpg
USD 1.25 auction58828
DAVID BOWIE “SPACE ODDITY” LP WITH POSTER - FIRST US PRESSING !! MINT WAX !!, thumbnail_release200_292227338385.jpg
USD 29.99 auction58749
 David Bowie / Space Oddity / VVG (NM-) / Rick Wakeman, Gus Dudgeon, Buckmaster, thumbnail_release200_253112762074.jpg
USD 13.99 auction58750
David Bowie ‎– Space Oddity 1977 RCA Victor ‎– LSP-4813, thumbnail_release200_263118603515.jpg
USD 10.0 auction57798
DAVID BOWIE Space Oddity 1972 LSP-4813 RCA RECORDS RARE INNER SLEEVE , thumbnail_release200_222618189083.jpg
USD 5.99 auction58151
DAVID BOWIE - SPACE ODDITY - RCA US 1972 - 1ST RE RELEASE, thumbnail_release200_162637859591.jpg
USD 12.99 auction58499
David Bowie Space Oddity Vinyl LP.  Mint- Vinyl. Lovely Playback!, thumbnail_release200_162626294766.jpg
USD 38.57 auction57801
DAVID BOWIE LP SPACE ODDITY LSP 4813 STEREO, thumbnail_release200_253100606880.jpg
USD 15.43 auction58153
DAVID BOWIE Space Oddity 1972 LSP-4813 RCA RECORDS RARE INNER SLEEVE , thumbnail_release200_222610467232.jpg
USD 10.99 auction57799
DAVID BOWIE - SPACE ODDITY vinyl lp  , thumbnail_release200_192276272636.jpg
USD 32.13 auction57800
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DAVID BOWIE Space Oddity LP 1972 RCA 1st Press + INNER & POSTER!! MINT!!!!, thumbnail_release200_261253008181.jpg
USD 349.26 auction22963
DAVID BOWIE Space Oddity LP 1972 RCA 1st Press + INNER & POSTER!! MINT!!!!, thumbnail_release200_261398142858.jpg
USD 164.24 auction29865
DAVID BOWIE Space Oddity LP 1972 RCA 1st Press + INNER & POSTER!! 1E/1E!!!!, thumbnail_release200_261742438823.jpg
USD 153.19 auction43336
DAVID BOWIE 16 LP Lot SPACE ODDITY Hunky Dory ZIGGY STARDUST Aladdin Sane LOW, thumbnail_release200_251288220321.jpg
USD 100.99 auction19631
RARE & N' MINT~DAVID BOWIE~SPACE ODDITY LP~(no mainman)~1E/1E~POSTER~N' MINT!!!, thumbnail_release200_331116539773.jpg
USD 77.05 auction28600
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DAVID BOWIE: Space Oddity (Rock & Pop RCA Victor LSP-4813 Vinyl LP), thumbnail_release200_271175855436.jpg
USD 9.94 auction13092
DAVID BOWIE - SPACE ODDITY LP EXCELLENT CONDITION ++, thumbnail_release200_130872376836.jpg
USD 17.99 auction13093
David Bowie- Space Oddity ,LSP-4813 -- RCA Victor, thumbnail_release200_230949294389.jpg
USD 19.99 auction13094
David Bowie - Space Oddity LP on RCA LSP4813 Inc Original Inner Sleeve Plays EX, thumbnail_release200_370779543455.jpg
USD 15.24 auction12761
1972 Old Rock Roll Music Record Album  ~DAVID BOWIE~  Vintage Vinyl Disc LP RARE, thumbnail_release200_360616513605.jpg
USD 19.95 auction12762
DAVID BOWIE - SPACE ODDITY - PROG ROCK LP - SHRINK WRAP - POSTER, thumbnail_release200_360608961464.jpg
USD 36.78 auction12346
David Bowie LP Space oddity UK RCA 1st press & Poster insert NEAR MINT 4 pics, thumbnail_release200_380594964036.jpg
USD 55.98 auction12347
DAVID BOWIE "Space Oddity" LP, thumbnail_release200_121077834685.jpg
USD 16.5 auction12348
USD 19.99 auction10441
David Bowie - Space Oddity - Mint 1972 RCA UK First Pressing - 2E/2E Matrices, thumbnail_release200_170970713602.jpg
USD 49.99 auction10440
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RCA Victor - LSP 4813

Space Oddity

Catalogue number

published cat.number:
RCA Victor LSP 4813

alternative cat.number:
RCA Victor LSP4813

General info

Date released: 1969-00-00
Country released: GB
Release type: LP (12")

Value indication

last updated:
346 auction(s)
173 sale(s)
popularity: 50%

$ 349.26 max value
$ 2.76 min value
$ 24.14 avg value


Publisher: RCA Victor
Cover design: