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Yesterday And Today Mono Second State, release: T2553

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BEATLES, YESTERDAY AND TODAY, 2ND STATE BUTCHER LP, CAPITOL T-2553, 1966, thumbnail_release190_123783339025.jpg
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BEATLES yesterday & today BUTCHER ( rock ) mono - SECOND STATE - VERY RARE, thumbnail_release190_183587661701.jpg
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The Beatles - Yesterday And Today - Butcher Cover 2nd State - Mono T-2553, thumbnail_release190_253097373118.jpg
USD 110.5 auction57788
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Beatles yesterday and Today shrink wrapped butchers cover 2nd state T 2553, thumbnail_release190_190821750684.jpg
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THE BEATLES - "YESTERDAY AND TODAY - RARE 2ND STATE BUTCHER COVER LP - MONO VG++, thumbnail_release190_161001593041.jpg
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The Beatles - Yesterday & Today - U.S. Mono 2nd State *UNPEELED BUTCHER* LP, thumbnail_release190_261403012467.jpg
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BEATLES Yesterday and Today 2nd STATE BUTCHER COVER LP MONO MISALIGNED PASTEOVER, thumbnail_release190_311922631707.jpg
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THE BEATLES Yesterday and Today 1966, Original 2nd State BUTCHER COVER Unpeeled , thumbnail_release190_121149868631.jpg
USD 809.99 auction22953
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BEATLES Yesterday And Today LP 2nd STATE BUTCHER COVER RIAA # 6 Super Clean RARE, thumbnail_release190_360558708360.jpg
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BEATLES Butcher Cover 2nd State Yesterday and Today Mono T 2553 Trunk Pasteover, thumbnail_release190_150978981645.jpg
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The Beatles Yesterday and , thumbnail_release190_230880696034.jpg
USD 29.0 auction8864
Beatles Butcher Cover 2nd State LP - Beautiful Shape! T2553 RIAA #6, thumbnail_release190_221153733252.jpg
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THE BEATLES YESTERDAY AND TODAY RARE TRUNK COVER MONO- T2553 -RIAA #4 HEAR! L@@k, thumbnail_release190_200846240780.jpg
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BEATLES BUTCHER COVER YESTERDAY , thumbnail_release190_281002883742.jpg
USD 499.99 auction7952
Beatles Yesterday and Today Butcher cover 2nd state mono all original record, thumbnail_release190_130775785734.jpg
USD 10.0 auction7306
Beatles Records 12 plus, thumbnail_release190_320994305545.jpg
USD 33.0 auction7307
BEATLES  LP 2nd state BUTCHER COVER pasteover CAP RECS Mint  MONO , thumbnail_release190_160896063919.jpg
USD 2999.99 auction7308
Beatles record lot! Yeserday and Today possible 2nd stage! Sgt PEPPERS MAS! MORE, thumbnail_release190_281002360969.jpg
USD 52.04 auction7951
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Capitol - T2553

Yesterday And Today Mono Second State

Yesterday And Today Mono Second State, second_yesterday_and_today.jpg

Catalogue number

published cat.number:
Capitol T2553

alternative cat.number:
Capitol T 2553

General info

Date released: 0000-00-00
Country released: USA
Release type: LP (12")

Value indication

last updated:
159 auction(s)
49 sale(s)
popularity: 31%

$ 920.00 max value
$ 13.16 min value
$ 361.67 avg value


Publisher: Capitol
Cover design: