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physical graffiti uk pressing, release: SSK 89400

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LED ZEPPELIN Physical Graffiti LP *1975 German Press w/Inserts* SSK 89400-O - EX, thumbnail_release183_202659788376.jpg
USD 25.83 auction60867
Led Zeppelin ‎– Physical Graffiti 2 x VINYL, thumbnail_release183_333146850801.jpg
USD 39.3 auction60825
Led Zeppelin Physical Graffiti 1975 SSK89400 Vinyl LP Original record ra, thumbnail_release183_163413986807.jpg
USD 25.56 auction60411
Led Zeppelin - Physical Graffiti - Vinyl LP Record, thumbnail_release183_264076514462.jpg
USD 25.55 auction60418
LED ZEPPELIN - PHYSICAL GRAFFITI - ORIGINAL VINYL DOUBLE LP, thumbnail_release183_123106762107.jpg
USD 27.04 auction59966
LED ZEPPELIN Physical Graffiti GERMANY Pressing 2x LP Swan Song SSK 89400, thumbnail_release183_352164998577.jpg
USD 9.99 auction59051
Led Zeppelin Physical Graffiti LP. Rare misprinted Swan Song ‎– SSK 89400-0 , thumbnail_release183_112550609228.jpg
USD 5.51 auction58974
LED ZEPPELIN - PHYSICAL GRAFFITI, 1st UK Press Vinyl, A1/B4/C1/D1, EX/EX+, thumbnail_release183_253105538180.jpg
USD 21.89 auction58293
Led Zeppelin Physical Graffiti LP. Rare misprinted Swan Song ‎– SSK 89400-0 , thumbnail_release183_112535272376.jpg
USD 4.12 auction58474
LED ZEPPELIN-PHYSICAL GRAFFITI-2LP NO WARNER LOGO EX+/EX+/SSK 89400/A1-B4-C1-D1/, thumbnail_release183_132295496110.jpg
USD 102.85 auction57767
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LED ZEPPELIN Physical Graffiti D/LP 1975 1st! MINT!! EARLIEST EVER!!!!, thumbnail_release183_330857496061.jpg
USD 485.36 auction10398
LED ZEPPELIN  - PHYSICAL GRAFFITI UK  SWAN SONG EARLIEST PRESS NM!!, thumbnail_release183_221197546616.jpg
USD 410.05 auction12315
Led Zeppelin Physical Graffiti LP - Very 1st UK Vinyl Pressing - World Shipping!, thumbnail_release183_121082097034.jpg
USD 353.2 auction13054
Led Zeppelin 2x LP Physical Graffiti UK swan song 1st press NEAR MINT 8 pictures, thumbnail_release183_310641026346.jpg
USD 333.14 auction14134
LED ZEPPELIN PHYSICAL GRAFFITI DOUBLE ALBUM LP - UK 1ST PRESS 1975 **MINT**, thumbnail_release183_400448422017.jpg
USD 310.11 auction13812
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LED ZEPPELIN PHYSICAL GRAFFITI 2-LP SWANSONG VG+ UK ISSUE, thumbnail_release183_290782845073.jpg
USD 20.03 auction7283
LED ZEPPELIN - IN THROUGH THE OUT DOOR -SWAN SONG - BROWN PAPER BAG CAT#SSK59410, thumbnail_release183_130778153715.jpg
USD 38.05 auction7284
LED ZEPPELIN PHYSICAL GRAFFITI DOUBLE 12" VINYL RECORD LP 1975, thumbnail_release183_290781657956.jpg
USD 34.43 auction7285
LED ZEPPELIN ~ Physical Graffiti ~ 1975 (UK) 1st PRESS ~ DOUBLE LP ~ SSK89400.., thumbnail_release183_110957585265.jpg
USD 48.05 auction7286
Led Zeppelin IN THROUGH THE OUT DOOR NEAR MINT A Cover 1st Press with BROWN BAG, thumbnail_release183_370660085028.jpg
USD 48.05 auction7287
LED ZEPPELIN  -  Physical Graffiti,   ORIGINAL 1975 UK DLP/inners....NICE COPY, thumbnail_release183_251156964788.jpg
USD 56.48 auction6916
LED ZEPPELIN Physical Graffiti D/LP 1975 1st Press! SUPERB!!, thumbnail_release183_330801093318.jpg
USD 109.3 auction6917
LED ZEPPELIN-PHYSICAL GRAFFITI 2 x LP-PLANT/PAGE/JONES/BONHAM, thumbnail_release183_230854910559.jpg
USD 25.94 auction6918
LED ZEPPELIN "PHYSICAL GRAFITTI" 2x LP SSK89400 A1/B5/C1/D1, thumbnail_release183_400324156193.jpg
USD 55.87 auction6919
LED ZEPPELIN ~ PHYSICAL GRAFFITI ** 1975 UK 1st SWAN SONG DBL LP EX, thumbnail_release183_261105395871.jpg
USD 43.56 auction6920
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Swan Song - SSK 89400

physical graffiti uk pressing

Catalogue number

published cat.number:
Swan Song SSK 89400

alternative cat.number:
Swan Song SSK89400

General info

Date released: 1975-02-00
Country released: GB
Release type: Double LP (12")

Value indication

last updated:
390 auction(s)
230 sale(s)
popularity: 59%

$ 485.36 max value
$ 8.37 min value
$ 64.45 avg value


Publisher: Swan Song
Cover design: