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Rubber Soul (US), release: T2442

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THE BEATLES "RUBBER SOUL" 1965 CAPITOL T 2442 EX, thumbnail_release153_172952786290.jpg
USD 25.65 auction59415
Beatles Rubber Soul LP T2442 1965 Mono, thumbnail_release153_122723490135.jpg
USD 3.5 auction59286
BEATLES: Rubber Soul MONO LP, Capitol Records T-2442; Norwegian Wood, thumbnail_release153_401406017739.jpg
USD 7.5 auction59214
THE BEATLES , RUBBER SOUL LP ON CAPITAL RECORDS # T 2442 HIGH FIDELITY, thumbnail_release153_172868454154.jpg
USD 24.99 auction59149
THE BEATLES - RUBBER SOUL - 1965 US FIRST PRESSING CAPITOL RECORDS T-2442 MONO, thumbnail_release153_382199045664.jpg
USD 8.99 auction58117
The Beatles RUBBER SOUL album Capitol T 2442 mono version early edition , thumbnail_release153_292215437991.jpg
USD 18.75 auction58288
THE BEATLES RUBBER SOUL, MONO T2442, W/SHRINK & SLEEVE 1965, CAPITAL RECORDS, thumbnail_release153_172824547619.jpg
USD 25.0 auction58114
THE BEATLES  RUBBER SOUL - VINTAGE CAPITOL RECORDS MONO LP - T-2442 , thumbnail_release153_382193764691.jpg
USD 24.99 auction58115
The Beatles Rubber Soul LP T-2442 Colorband Label, thumbnail_release153_202021429090.jpg
USD 15.0 auction58116
The Beatles "Rubber Soul" 1965 ORIGINAL US Vinyl Mono Record Capital  / T 2442  , thumbnail_release153_192273378286.jpg
USD 29.99 auction57709
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BEATLES: RINGO STARR **SIGNED** RUBBER SOUL ALBUM SLEEVE!! EX+!!, thumbnail_release153_191030449868.jpg
USD 764.69 auction27611
Lifetime Beatles Record Collection 36 lp's Butcher Album Yesterday and Today +++, thumbnail_release153_121022656320.jpg
USD 520.0 auction8918
The Beatles 'Rubber Soul' LP Record Vinyl Mono RIAA #3 Capitol T 2442 NEW SEALED, thumbnail_release153_330960273658.jpg
USD 511.92 auction22615
The Beatles,Rubber Soul,Factory Sealed Mono LP, thumbnail_release153_181100909871.jpg
USD 386.0 auction12545
Beatles 28 Album LP Vinyl Records Lot Apple Capitol Vee Jay Mono Shrinkwrap Rare, thumbnail_release153_171069785678.jpg
USD 320.66 auction21783
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THE BEATLES - Rubber Soul - Diff. Titel - Capitol - US LP, thumbnail_release153_110810303758.jpg
USD 11.16 auction2364
The Beatles - Rubber soul - VG+, thumbnail_release153_280805954629.jpg
USD 7.02 auction2442
THE BEATLES RUBBER SOUL LP~CAPITOL T-2442, thumbnail_release153_330671458772.jpg
USD 9.99 auction2443
The Beatles - Rubber Soul T 2442, thumbnail_release153_280809194682.jpg
USD 15.0 auction2444
Four Beatles Mono Vinyl LPs, thumbnail_release153_250974056476.jpg
USD 26.0 auction2445
THE BEATLES Rubber Soul lp Vinyl Album ORIG US Colorband Capitol Mono T 2442, thumbnail_release153_400267693145.jpg
USD 26.0 auction2090
THE BEATLES  RUBBER SOUL MONO CAPITOL T 2442 --  COVER/ LP VG+/NEAR MINT, thumbnail_release153_150730295387.jpg
USD 50.0 auction2138
THE BEATLES orig. RUBBER SOUL lp MONO EXCELLENT COVER IN SHRINK!, thumbnail_release153_400267735990.jpg
USD 33.32 auction2139
Beatles LP "Rubber Soul" Capitol T2442, thumbnail_release153_110803055625.jpg
USD 50.0 auction2140
THE BEATLES, RUBBER SOUL ALBUM, T-2442, ON CAPITOL RECORDS COLORBAND LABEL, thumbnail_release153_320822737290.jpg
USD 12.99 auction2089
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Capitol - T2442

Rubber Soul (US)

Catalogue number

published cat.number:
Capitol T2442

alternative cat.number:
Capitol T 2442

General info

Date released: 1965-00-00
Country released: USA
Release type: LP (12")

Value indication

last updated:
710 auction(s)
295 sale(s)
popularity: 42%

$ 764.69 max value
$ 0.99 min value
$ 36.38 avg value


Publisher: Capitol
Cover design: