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Rubber Soul, release: PCS 3075

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BEATLES Rubber Soul LP Phillipines Pari EX, thumbnail_release152_233238857188.jpg
USD 29.9 auction60938
THE BEATLES RUBBER SOUL 12" VINYL ALBUM 1965 - PARLOPHONE LABEL PCS 3075 - VGC , thumbnail_release152_232805148956.jpg
USD 13.27 auction60129
BEATLES RUBBER SOUL LP STEREO PCS 3075 BLACK/WHITE 6/6 MATRIX GREAT AUDIO VG/VG+, thumbnail_release152_162826291740.jpg
USD 4.04 auction59642
The Beatles - Rubber Soul (Parlophone- PCS 3075) LP, thumbnail_release152_222782588233.jpg
USD 20.95 auction59644
THE BEATLES RUBBER SOUL RARE EARLY PRESS 12" VINYL LP PCS 3075 LENNON MCCARTNEY , thumbnail_release152_132339910714.jpg
USD 8.76 auction59291
The Beatles - Rubber Soul (Parlophone- PCS 3075) LP, thumbnail_release152_222644541652.jpg
USD 21.07 auction59154
THE BEATLES RUBBER SOUL UK PARLOPHONE PCS 3075 NM, thumbnail_release152_311945960833.jpg
USD 24.99 auction58713
BEATLES RUBBER SOUL PARLOPHONE PCS 3075  1965  M, thumbnail_release152_172824451969.jpg
USD 19.99 auction58112
THE BEATLES : RUBBER SOUL (PARLOPHONE PCS 3075), thumbnail_release152_332338866782.jpg
USD 6.42 auction57701
THE BEATLES - Rubber Soul - UK STEREO LP - PARLOPHONE PCS 3075, thumbnail_release152_292217357725.jpg
USD 5.27 auction57702
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The Beatles (The Collection) Box Set and The Beatles Collection Box Set     both, thumbnail_release152_151023757100.jpg
USD 810.0 auction14823
The Beatles Collection: 14-LP Blue Box Set, Original UK Pressing from 1978, MINT, thumbnail_release152_321307378534.jpg
USD 626.0 auction29038
THE BEATLES MASSIVE RECORD / VINYL COLLECTION OF LP'S-LISTED, thumbnail_release152_251404495032.jpg
USD 615.04 auction27073
USD 612.35 auction3375
The Beatles Collection: 14-LP Box Set (BC 13), Original UK Pressing, 1978, MINT, thumbnail_release152_321316165815.jpg
USD 536.56 auction29524
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The Beatles - Rubber Soul (1st Press Stereo) PCS 3075 stereo   Ex++ /MN- , thumbnail_release152_110802773850.jpg
USD 47.49 auction2086
the beatles rubbersoul 1965 stereo 1st uk press, thumbnail_release152_170760437328.jpg
USD 61.28 auction2087
BEATLES RUBBER SOUL LP EX, thumbnail_release152_120839860451.jpg
USD 15.32 auction2093
The Beatles, Rubber Soul Original UK 1965 Stereo, thumbnail_release152_140673931175.jpg
USD 203.47 auction2097
BEATLES,RUBBER SOUL,psych folkrock masterpiece,ultra rare india mono parlophone!, thumbnail_release152_230717967895.jpg
USD 37.52 auction2137
Vinyl LPs Beatles: Rubber Soul+ White Album, thumbnail_release152_290653973884.jpg
USD 28.22 auction2174
Beatles / Rubber Soul / PCS 3075 / Top Zustand, thumbnail_release152_180790684653.jpg
USD 23.51 auction2175
+++ THE BEATLES - Rubber Soul - STEREO 1st UK pressing... strong EX copy, thumbnail_release152_300643877320.jpg
USD 78.58 auction2085
BEATLES Rubber Soul / INDIA black-yellow PARLOPHONE LP, thumbnail_release152_320822712453.jpg
USD 46.21 auction2092
BEATLES Rubber Soul White and Black Parlophone Label UK stereo press NICE, thumbnail_release152_140674954176.jpg
USD 15.51 auction2136
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Parlophone - PCS 3075

Rubber Soul

Catalogue number

published cat.number:
Parlophone PCS 3075

alternative cat.number:
Parlophone PCS3075

General info

Date released: 1966-12-03
Country released: GB
Release type: LP (12")

Value indication

last updated:
720 auction(s)
375 sale(s)
popularity: 52%

$ 810.00 max value
$ 2.66 min value
$ 70.45 avg value


Publisher: Parlophone
Cover design: