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A Hard Days Night (mono), release: PMC-1230

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The Beatles "A Hard Day's Night" Vinyl LP PMC 1230, thumbnail_release141_322700046077.jpg
USD 6.44 auction58836
The Beatles Hard Days Night - 1964 Mono UK LP PMC1230 + Emitex inner sleeve, thumbnail_release141_282617310993.jpg
USD 32.18 auction58278
the beatles hard days night mono pmc 1230 3n/3n, thumbnail_release141_182728000608.jpg
USD 5.14 auction58420
The Beatles "A Hard Day's Night" Vinyl LP PMC 1230, thumbnail_release141_322676327469.jpg
USD 6.44 auction58701
THE BEATLES - A HARD DAY'S NIGHT 1964 VINYl ALBUM PMC1230, thumbnail_release141_202020832589.jpg
USD 32.09 auction57670
The Beatles, Hard Days Night, 1964, PMC 1230, Mono (Vinyl), thumbnail_release141_272817697908.jpg
USD 96.26 auction58422
 The Beatles - A Hard Day's Night..1964..Mono PMC 1230 Vinyl LP 12" , thumbnail_release141_142475249870.jpg
USD 9.0 auction57667
THE BEATLES A HARD DAYS NIGHT, thumbnail_release141_172821910383.jpg
USD 20.51 auction57671
THE BEATLES * HARD DAYS NIGHT * 1964 UK *MONO* LP  PMC 1230 ORIGINAL & EXCELLENT, thumbnail_release141_253091896015.jpg
USD 11.12 auction57668
THE BEATLES - A HARD DAY'S NIGHT  PMC 1230 2ND PRESSING VINYL LP, thumbnail_release141_352137078276.jpg
USD 33.42 auction57669
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The Beatles A HARD DAY’S NIGHT ORIGINAL 1964 FIRST PRESSING UK MONO VINYL LP, thumbnail_release141_141131900833.jpg
USD 12626.16 auction26171
THE BEATLES MASSIVE RECORD / VINYL COLLECTION OF LP'S-LISTED, thumbnail_release141_251404495032.jpg
USD 615.04 auction26911
BEATLES A Hard Days Night LP 1st UK PRESS 1964 IN MONO, 3N/3N MAITRIX, Nr MINT, thumbnail_release141_251304044363.jpg
USD 490.47 auction22004
Beatles - A Hard Day's Night - UK 1964 1st  *MONO* Press Parlophone LP , thumbnail_release141_290913366822.jpg
USD 472.47 auction17393
BEATLES  - Hard Days Night  UK MONO LP 1st Pressing Museum Vault Copy WOW!!!!!!!, thumbnail_release141_221326656818.jpg
USD 379.36 auction25581
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THE BEATLES - A HARD DAY'S NIGHT -UK ORIGINAL PRESS MONO 1964 LP, thumbnail_release141_260927747576.jpg
USD 75.0 auction1902
THE BEATLES LP - 1964 A HARD DAYS NIGHT (ORIGINAL UK 1st PRESSING ON PARLOPHONE), thumbnail_release141_380399008142.jpg
USD 27.59 auction1903
The Beatles, Hard Days Night Original UK 1964 Mono, thumbnail_release141_140673377369.jpg
USD 108.77 auction1923
LOS BEATLES / !Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Odeon peru - Vinyle LP, thumbnail_release141_120836987690.jpg
USD 38.39 auction1924
BEATLES / HARD DAYS NIGHT MONO 1st UK PRESS LP, thumbnail_release141_290654076594.jpg
USD 35.23 auction2060
THE BEATLES A Hard Day's Night LP Mono First Press, thumbnail_release141_300645323196.jpg
USD 64.34 auction2164
THE BEATLES ~ ORIG UK ~ HARD DAYS NIGHT ~ MONO ~ KT TAX CODE / XEX 481-3N / 482-, thumbnail_release141_260920194814.jpg
USD 49.99 auction1895
BEATLES LP - HARD DAY'S NIGHT - PMC 1230, thumbnail_release141_260926879306.jpg
USD 22.36 auction1901
Old Vinyl BEATLES Records, thumbnail_release141_120836648633.jpg
USD 72.75 auction1890
Beatles–A Hard Day’s Night LP EJ DAY + VERY RARE LABEL FORMAT , thumbnail_release141_140671751939.jpg
USD 154.79 auction1891
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Parlophone - PMC-1230

A Hard Days Night (mono)

Catalogue number

published cat.number:
Parlophone PMC-1230

alternative cat.number:
Parlophone PMC 1230

General info

Date released: 0000-00-00
Country released: GB
Release type: LP (12")

Value indication

last updated:
798 auction(s)
423 sale(s)
popularity: 53%

$ 12626.16 max value
$ 1.60 min value
$ 75.14 avg value


Publisher: Parlophone
Cover design: