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Something New (mono), release: T-2108

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BEATLES "Something New" original Capitol MONO LP T2108 VG++ (1964), thumbnail_release139_182745117714.jpg
USD 23.0 auction58892
THE BEATLES-SOMETHING NEW-CAPITOL-T 2108-c1964-RARE MONO VINYL, thumbnail_release139_112532280669.jpg
USD 5.0 auction58277
The Beatles - Something New LP Capitol T 2108 - Rainbow Label - MONO PSYCH Rock, thumbnail_release139_282622141072.jpg
USD 9.99 auction58415
BEATLES: SOMETHING NEW VINYL RECORD LP BLACK MONO T 2108, thumbnail_release139_292223185855.jpg
USD 11.99 auction58416
Something New The Beatles 1964 Columbia Records T 2108 MONO, thumbnail_release139_202030592619.jpg
USD 8.0 auction58417
BEATLES "Something New" original Capitol MONO LP T2108 VG++ (1964), thumbnail_release139_182728736406.jpg
USD 32.0 auction58418
THE BEATLES - Something New - 1964 - Capitol Label - Mono, thumbnail_release139_142463274011.jpg
USD 9.99 auction57665
BEATLES: SOMETHING NEW VINYL RECORD LP BLACK MONO T 2108, thumbnail_release139_292215851514.jpg
USD 11.99 auction57662
BEATLES "Something New" original Capitol MONO LP T2108 VG++ (1964), thumbnail_release139_182714946194.jpg
USD 32.0 auction57663
THE BEATLES - Something New, 1964, rare, thumbnail_release139_311936268582.jpg
USD 29.95 auction57664
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The Beatles,Something New,Factory SEALED,Mono LP, thumbnail_release139_181109350167.jpg
USD 393.88 auction13458
Beatles 28 Album LP Vinyl Records Lot Apple Capitol Vee Jay Mono Shrinkwrap Rare, thumbnail_release139_171069785678.jpg
USD 320.66 auction21741
The Beatles A COLLECTION OF 54 USA CDs ALL THE USA ALBUMS + ORIGINAL ARTWORK. , thumbnail_release139_130851918142.jpg
USD 267.16 auction11708
USD 228.5 auction29494
Beatles 28 Album LP Vinyl Records Lot Apple Capitol Vee Jay Mono Shrinkwrap Rare, thumbnail_release139_171089170868.jpg
USD 226.38 auction23308
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THE BEATLES--SOMETHING NEW..ORIG.CAPITOL RAINBOW...MONO, thumbnail_release139_350521343016.jpg
USD 19.95 auction2124
THE BEATLES - Something New ORIGINAL SHRINKWRAP WEST COAST PRESSING, thumbnail_release139_330667604031.jpg
USD 34.33 auction1994
The Beatles Something New Capitol LP VG+ mono VG+ cover orig. inner sleeve, thumbnail_release139_330666190594.jpg
USD 15.5 auction2057
Beatles Something New Mono T-2108 Original 1st Press VG+, thumbnail_release139_130625793883.jpg
USD 6.54 auction1989
Something New  The Beatles Mono T2108, thumbnail_release139_220923797939.jpg
USD 7.0 auction1900
100% ORIG 1964 MONO ~ The BEATLES  ~ SOMETHING NEW ~ Beat BRITISH INVASION   , thumbnail_release139_300644922594.jpg
USD 71.53 auction1988
BEATLES-CAPITOL T2108 MONO ROCK LP SOMETHING NEW SOMETHING NEW, thumbnail_release139_270882614359.jpg
USD 19.95 auction1896
Beatles SOMETHING NEW Capitol Label T2108 Very Rare PROMO Album, thumbnail_release139_120835653666.jpg
USD 100.0 auction1897
The Beatles Something New Capitol T-2108 Mono, thumbnail_release139_200694330803.jpg
USD 11.01 auction1898
THE BEATLES--SOMETHING NEW..ORIG.CAPITOL RAINBOW...MONO, thumbnail_release139_350519469826.jpg
USD 19.95 auction1899
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Capitol - T-2108

Something New (mono)

Something New (mono), beatles_something_new_t2108.jpg

Catalogue number

published cat.number:
Capitol T-2108

alternative cat.number:
Capitol T 2108

General info

Date released: 1964-07-20
Country released: USA
Release type: LP (12")

Value indication

last updated:
688 auction(s)
201 sale(s)
popularity: 29%

$ 393.88 max value
$ 2.24 min value
$ 34.63 avg value


Publisher: Capitol
Cover design: