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Something New, release: ST-2108

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The Beatles- Something New, Capitol ST2108, B8/B8, VG+, thumbnail_release137_153306740196.jpg
USD 6.0 auction60478
The Beatles - Something New - 1964 US Stereo 1st Press Labels ST-2108 , thumbnail_release137_113019326854.jpg
USD 9.99 auction60080
THE BEATLES SOMETHING NEW SEALED CAPITOL ST 2108 STEREO 1969 PRESS ROCK LP NM, thumbnail_release137_282665082411.jpg
USD 39.99 auction59223
CRANIUM'S The Beatles SOMETHING NEW Lp rare CAPITOL GREEN label press, thumbnail_release137_162675577416.jpg
USD 9.99 auction59227
The Beatles ‎Something New LP Record Vinyl Apple Stereo 1970's Reissue EX/NM , thumbnail_release137_222617186731.jpg
USD 24.99 auction58697
Beatles - Something New Something New Stereo Capitol Red Target ST- 2108 Shrink, thumbnail_release137_172834044239.jpg
USD 32.81 auction58698
BEATLES Something New 12" Vinyl LP 33RPM NM Capitol ST-2108 CLASSIC ROCK Stereo, thumbnail_release137_182721827245.jpg
USD 6.5 auction58095
THE BEATLES SOMETHING NEW LP  CAPITOL ST-2108, thumbnail_release137_112529455633.jpg
USD 4.25 auction58093
The Beatles SOMETHING NEW Capitol ST 2108 SEALED Drillhole 70s era RIAA #17, thumbnail_release137_401372717962.jpg
USD 24.99 auction57658
BEATLES SOMETHING NEW CAPITOL ST-2108 US Shrink Vinyl LP, thumbnail_release137_332338032867.jpg
USD 2.25 auction57659
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THE BEATLES SOMETHING NEW STILL SEALED, thumbnail_release137_261398819021.jpg
USD 578.88 auction30023
Lifetime Beatles Record Collection 36 lp's Butcher Album Yesterday and Today +++, thumbnail_release137_121022656320.jpg
USD 520.0 auction8911
BEATLES RECORDS - 25 LP LOT!!!!! VG+ AND BETTER!, thumbnail_release137_201045646464.jpg
USD 500.0 auction31100
The Beatles-Something New-Rare Original Capitol LP-Stereo-RIAA #2-SEALED, thumbnail_release137_380852876813.jpg
USD 491.92 auction31394
THE BEATLES LP "SOMETHING NEW" ORIG. STILL FACTORY SEALED- MINT!, thumbnail_release137_290811846776.jpg
USD 470.85 auction8690
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33T THE BEATLES SOMETHING NEW MADE IN UK ref st2108, thumbnail_release137_180790355787.jpg
USD 21.79 auction2096
BEATLES SOMETHING NEW CAPITOL ST2108, thumbnail_release137_110802689819.jpg
USD 19.2 auction1922
LP - The Beatles Something New - Capitol ST 2108 Stereo Purple Label - US Press, thumbnail_release137_250965988868.jpg
USD 10.5 auction1986
THE BEATLES SOMETHING NEW SHRINK PURPLE CAPITOL ST-2108 VG++ 1978, thumbnail_release137_160710075433.jpg
USD 7.61 auction1987
The Beatles Something New Capitol records ST 2108 RED, thumbnail_release137_190625019265.jpg
USD 9.99 auction2055
THE BEATLES - LP - SOMETHING NEW - ON CAPITOL, thumbnail_release137_320822758872.jpg
USD 21.99 auction1984
THE BEATLES!!!...SOMETHING NEW!!!  *ORANGE LABEL*, thumbnail_release137_300644962096.jpg
USD 17.99 auction2054
BEATLES: SOMETHING NEW CAPITOL ORANGE ST 2108, thumbnail_release137_300644497686.jpg
USD 10.99 auction1893
THE BEATLES SOMETHING NEW SOMETHING NEW ~ APPLE LABEL ST 2108, thumbnail_release137_380399569818.jpg
USD 9.99 auction1892
33T THE BEATLES SOMETHING NEW MADE IN UK ref st2108, thumbnail_release137_180782651652.jpg
USD 21.75 auction1921
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Capitol - ST-2108

Something New

Something New, beatles_something_new_st210.jpg

Catalogue number

published cat.number:
Capitol ST-2108

alternative cat.number:
Capitol ST 2108

General info

Date released: 1964-06-20
Country released: USA
Release type: LP (12")

Value indication

last updated:
763 auction(s)
289 sale(s)
popularity: 38%

$ 578.88 max value
$ 0.99 min value
$ 43.27 avg value


Publisher: Capitol
Cover design: