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The Beatles' Second Album, release: ST-2080

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Beatles - Second Album Orange Capitol ST-2080, thumbnail_release133_172834058910.jpg
USD 8.0 auction58691
THE BEATLES SECOND ALBUM FACTORY SEALED LP ST 2080 , thumbnail_release133_112532551922.jpg
USD 69.99 auction58692
THE BEATLES: Second Album, Red Capitol Records, OOP Lp!, thumbnail_release133_311943412187.jpg
USD 8.99 auction58693
THE BEATLES Second Album LP CAPITOL ST 2080 original rainbow lbl VG++, thumbnail_release133_311941124371.jpg
USD 7.49 auction58406
RARE THE BEATLES SECOND ALBUM VINYL LP RECORD VINTAGE 1964 APPLE ST 2080 STEREO, thumbnail_release133_372044118783.jpg
USD 7.99 auction57644
The Beatles - Second Album - ST 2080 Record LP, thumbnail_release133_112529684096.jpg
USD 5.0 auction58087
BEATLES SECOND ALBUM CAPITOL ST 2080 1969 , thumbnail_release133_352137791996.jpg
USD 39.99 auction57643
THE BEATLES - Second Album LP STILL SEALED Capitol ST 2080 70s Pressing NOS RARE, thumbnail_release133_112526980058.jpg
USD 39.99 auction57645
THE BEATLES SECOND ALBUM FACTORY SEALED LP ST 2080 , thumbnail_release133_112522851838.jpg
USD 99.99 auction57646
The Beatles SECOND ALBUM Capitol ST 2080 Stereo RIAA 17 SEALED Drillhole 70s era, thumbnail_release133_132292458206.jpg
USD 29.99 auction57647
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THE BEATLES MASSIVE RECORD / VINYL COLLECTION OF LP'S-LISTED, thumbnail_release133_251404495032.jpg
USD 616.54 auction27314
THE BEATLES SECOND ALBUM ST 2080 100% SEALED *NO BARCODE *RIAA NUMBER 2 *FREE SH, thumbnail_release133_321047561893.jpg
USD 613.0 auction9904
Lifetime Beatles Record Collection 36 lp's Butcher Album Yesterday and Today +++, thumbnail_release133_121022656320.jpg
USD 520.0 auction8906
Beatles 28 Album LP Vinyl Records Lot Apple Capitol Vee Jay Mono Shrinkwrap Rare, thumbnail_release133_171069785678.jpg
USD 320.66 auction21723
LOT OF 14 BEATLES LPS SOME SEALED LENNON MCCARTNEY, thumbnail_release133_251434475769.jpg
USD 294.89 auction28772
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THE BEATLES Second Album LP RARE US Stereo Original nice copy EX, thumbnail_release133_390377072906.jpg
USD 19.99 auction1801
BEATLES - 'THE BEATLES' SECOND ALBUM' Apple USA  SUPERB!, thumbnail_release133_150729135769.jpg
USD 12.33 auction1802
1964 The Beatles' SECOND ALBUM Vinyl LP Record ST 2080 STEREO Capitol England, thumbnail_release133_200694205676.jpg
USD 27.99 auction1876
Beatles Second Album 1976 VG+ Orange Label, thumbnail_release133_140672047364.jpg
USD 9.99 auction1877
ORIGINAL THE BEATLES' SECOND ALBUM REISSUE 1978 CAPITOL, thumbnail_release133_150728436127.jpg
USD 14.99 auction1878
The Beatles' Second Album (orange label CAPITOL), thumbnail_release133_250958349397.jpg
USD 50.0 auction1778
The Beatles Second Album Capitol Lp ST 2080/Black Label-Colorband, thumbnail_release133_150726297186.jpg
USD 14.95 auction1779
The Beatles' Second Album (Stereo LP 33rpm) ST 2080, thumbnail_release133_110799079276.jpg
USD 45.44 auction1780
BEATLES, THE -  THE BEATLES SECOND ALBUM, thumbnail_release133_120834210824.jpg
USD 60.99 auction1781
THE BEATLES SECOND ALBUM LP ST-2080, thumbnail_release133_260925538099.jpg
USD 9.99 auction1800
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Capitol - ST-2080

The Beatles' Second Album

The Beatles' Second Album, the_beatles_second_album.jpg

Catalogue number

published cat.number:
Capitol ST-2080

alternative cat.number:
Capitol ST 2080

General info

Date released: 1964-04-10
Country released: USA
Release type: LP (12")

Value indication

last updated:
787 auction(s)
297 sale(s)
popularity: 38%

$ 616.54 max value
$ 1.05 min value
$ 40.39 avg value


Publisher: Capitol
Cover design: