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Twist And Shout, release: T-6054

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LP THE BEATLES Twist and Shout (ORIG Vinyl, CANADA, CAPITOL 1964, T-6054) VG/EX, thumbnail_release132_383391674155.jpg
USD 20.5 auction61268
THE BEATLES Twist and shout CANADA 1964 MONO LP T-6054 CAPITOL , thumbnail_release132_183756056915.jpg
USD 29.26 auction60817
THE BEATLES Twist and shout CANADA 1974 MONO CAPITO T-6054 ORANGE label LP , thumbnail_release132_173858723420.jpg
USD 25.51 auction60822
THE BEATLES Twist and shout VG CANADA 1964 MONO LP T-6054 CAPITOL, thumbnail_release132_173818814025.jpg
USD 15.0 auction60767
THE BEATLES Twist and shout Ex to NM- CANADA ONLY 1983 Reissue ST-6054 LP, thumbnail_release132_183199108626.jpg
USD 53.63 auction59957
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The Beatles Twist and Shout Original Lp ~Gorgeous~, thumbnail_release132_140857724849.jpg
USD 200.0 auction6704
Beatles Twist and Shout Erstpressung Canada T- 6054 MONO TOP Sammlerstück, thumbnail_release132_230780960223.jpg
USD 157.37 auction4417
With orig shrinkwrap The Beatles - Twist and Shout LP mono Canada Capitol T-6054, thumbnail_release132_170971338118.jpg
USD 149.99 auction10172
USD 126.0 auction11417
THE BEATLES (twist and shout) Sealed Capitol records / T-6054 SEALED, thumbnail_release132_222559271477.jpg
USD 103.0 auction54917
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The Beatles 'Twist and Shout' Rare Canada Mono  T-6054 Album, thumbnail_release132_170772591820.jpg
USD 100.0 auction2619
THE BEATLES "TWIST AND SHOUT" LP CAPITOL T-6054 *MONO* PLAY TESTED, thumbnail_release132_260947537658.jpg
USD 15.51 auction2620
BEATLES - TWIST AND SHOUT, thumbnail_release132_130632790221.jpg
USD 33.0 auction2374
Twist And Shout Beatles Canadian Release Capitol T-6054, thumbnail_release132_190627080702.jpg
USD 27.0 auction2373
The Beatles LP Twist and Shout Canadian MONO T6054 original 1st pressing Capitol, thumbnail_release132_170756494446.jpg
USD 19.0 auction1799
THE BEATLES RARE MONO TWIST AND SHOUT LP CAPITOL 6000, thumbnail_release132_350518915343.jpg
USD 36.0 auction1681
The BEATLES / ORIG 1964 CANADIAN LP "TWIST and SHOUT" MONO RARE IMPORT BEATLES , thumbnail_release132_150725760215.jpg
USD 28.2 auction1588
Beatles LP Twist and Shout Canada Capitol T6054 Rare, thumbnail_release132_120834970596.jpg
USD 74.99 auction1678
TheBeatlesTWIST AND SHOUT LP Capîtol 64 CANADA COPY, thumbnail_release132_190619634903.jpg
USD 25.95 auction1679
The Beatles/ Twist , thumbnail_release132_370571970728.jpg
USD 20.5 auction1680
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Capitol - T-6054

Twist And Shout

Twist And Shout, twist_and_shout.jpg

Catalogue number

published cat.number:
Capitol T-6054

alternative cat.number:
Capitol T6054

General info

Date released: 1964-02-03
Country released: CA
Release type: LP (12")

Value indication

last updated:
260 auction(s)
77 sale(s)
popularity: 30%

$ 200.00 max value
$ 7.95 min value
$ 37.44 avg value


Publisher: Capitol
Cover design: