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Meet The Beatles, release: ST-2047

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The Beatles Meet The Beatles Capitol ST 2047 Stereo Gold Record Seal , thumbnail_release131_172873901961.jpg
USD 19.99 auction59226
BEATLES Meet The Beatles! ST2047 MbC LP Vinyl VG++ Cover VG+, thumbnail_release131_182733416151.jpg
USD 19.99 auction58686
Meet THE BEATLES - STILL FACTORY SEALED! - Capitol ST 2047 LIME GREEN TARGET, thumbnail_release131_352148822447.jpg
USD 13.5 auction58687
THE BEATLES LP Meet the Beatles 1964 Capitol stereo john lennon paul mccartney , thumbnail_release131_382202556180.jpg
USD 8.0 auction58689
THE BEATLES LP Meet the Beatles Capitol ST-2047 john lennon paul mccartney, thumbnail_release131_122654400904.jpg
USD 5.5 auction58402
MEET THE BEATLES FIRST ALBUM ST 2047 RIAA 12 NM APPLE, thumbnail_release131_112532551688.jpg
USD 19.99 auction58404
The Beatles ~ Meet The Beatles! ~  1965 Capitol ST-2047 ~ Stereo ~ VG/G, thumbnail_release131_222608964791.jpg
USD 4.25 auction57640
Meet the Beatles! ST 2047 (ST-X-1-2047) Captiol Records Recorded in England, thumbnail_release131_142481361397.jpg
USD 9.99 auction58271
The Beatles ‎– Meet The Beatles! 1969 Lime Green  ST 2047 SHRINK Lp NM, thumbnail_release131_332340621967.jpg
USD 16.0 auction57641
MEET THE BEATLES FIRST ALBUM ST 2047 RIAA 12 NM APPLE, thumbnail_release131_112522834318.jpg
USD 19.99 auction57642
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BEATLES RARE MEET THE BEATLES STEREO STILL SEALED ST 2047!!!!, thumbnail_release131_221139672211.jpg
USD 1400.0 auction7693
Sealed Beatles MEET THE BEATLES Record Album ST 2047 Stereo, thumbnail_release131_380551301177.jpg
USD 438.88 auction10167
Beatles 28 Album LP Vinyl Records Lot Apple Capitol Vee Jay Mono Shrinkwrap Rare, thumbnail_release131_171069785678.jpg
USD 320.66 auction21720
MEET THE BEATLES ST 2047 LP SEALED 100%  EAST COAST  EARLY 1960's PRESS]FREE  SH, thumbnail_release131_321062559826.jpg
USD 275.0 auction11012
USD 255.0 auction19492
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Meet The Beatles EARLY EAST COAST-NO CREDITS, thumbnail_release131_260925053399.jpg
USD 150.0 auction1741
MEET THE BEATLES STEREO SHRINK LIME GREEN  LABEL VG++ 1969, thumbnail_release131_160705068122.jpg
USD 32.5 auction1773
MEET THE BEATLES 1 BMI SCRANTON STEREO ST-2047 ORIGINAL 1964  VG++, thumbnail_release131_200691826861.jpg
USD 15.68 auction1675
MEET THE BEATLES ~ ST 2047~ RECORDED IN ENGLAND LP~ EX, thumbnail_release131_160706126213.jpg
USD 9.99 auction1676
Meet The Beatles Record Album LP Shrinkwrapped ST-2047 I Want To Hold Your Hand, thumbnail_release131_400261605498.jpg
USD 11.02 auction1677
The Beatles - Meet The Beatles LP,
USD 29.95 auction1736
The Beatles - Meet The Beatles LP,
USD 29.95 auction1673
The Beatles - Meet The Beatles LP,
USD 29.95 auction1674
Meet The Beatles - Rare Promo Copy -  Gold Record Award Seal - ST2047 Capital  , thumbnail_release131_170749937945.jpg
USD 15.5 auction1582
Beatles Meet the Beatles!  vinyl Lp record black label colorband, thumbnail_release131_370570221583.jpg
USD 34.98 auction1583
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Capitol - ST-2047

Meet The Beatles

Meet The Beatles, meet_the_beatles.jpg

Catalogue number

published cat.number:
Capitol ST-2047

alternative cat.number:
Capitol ST2047

General info

Date released: 1964-01-20
Country released: USA
Release type: LP (12")

Value indication

last updated:
836 auction(s)
342 sale(s)
popularity: 41%

$ 1400.00 max value
$ 1.04 min value
$ 43.35 avg value


Publisher: Capitol
Cover design: