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introducing the beatles, release: SR-1062

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Introducing The Beatles Vee Jay SR1062  Stereophonic cover colored label, thumbnail_release130_222662191494.jpg
USD 14.99 auction59352
THE BEATLES - INTRODUCING THE BEATLES  Very rare US MONO Vee-Jay LP!, thumbnail_release130_142493663300.jpg
USD 39.87 auction58903
Introducing The Beatles Vee Jay SR1062  Stereophonic cover colored label, thumbnail_release130_222622996598.jpg
USD 27.99 auction58685
The Beatles: Introducing The Beatles w/Ad Back-NEAR MINT, thumbnail_release130_152670320193.jpg
USD 699.0 auction58400
Introducing The Beatles Vee Jay SR1062  Stereophonic cover colored label, thumbnail_release130_222616221156.jpg
USD 39.99 auction58080
Beatles Record 2 Albums Revolver & 1964 Introducing The Beatles Vee Jay SR 1062, thumbnail_release130_332346438356.jpg
USD 9.99 auction58082
Introducing The Beatles Stereophonic SR 1062 Blank Back LP Sleeve Only, thumbnail_release130_292209653457.jpg
USD 222.5 auction57633
INTRODUCING " THE BEATLES "==VEE-JAY=SR-1062===G / VG, thumbnail_release130_182710486523.jpg
USD 5.51 auction57635
Introducing The Beatles Vee Jay SR1062  Stereophonic cover colored label, thumbnail_release130_322646535629.jpg
USD 39.99 auction57636
Introducing the BEATLES VEE JAY SR 1062, thumbnail_release130_352139681506.jpg
USD 19.99 auction57637
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Introducing THE BEATLES (Vee Jay SR 1062) Ad Back Stereo Rarest NM Cover Only , thumbnail_release130_140963026583.jpg
USD 1726.99 auction16004
Introducing the Beatles Version 1 Stereo Red Oval  VJ titles on the back, thumbnail_release130_221212198428.jpg
USD 1030.53 auction14605
THE BEATLES, INTRODUCING THE BEATLES (VEE-JAY STEREO BLANK BACK SR 1062 VG+/VG+), thumbnail_release130_360500953972.jpg
USD 999.99 auction8128
RARE STEREO Version1 "Introducing The Beatles" SR1062 VJLP OVAL VEE JAY, thumbnail_release130_191055608588.jpg
USD 960.0 auction28762
THE BEATLES MASSIVE RECORD / VINYL COLLECTION OF LP'S-LISTED, thumbnail_release130_251404495032.jpg
USD 616.54 auction26887
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USD 7.5 auction1869
INTRODUCING THE BEATLES , thumbnail_release130_140671391064.jpg
USD 29.99 auction1734
The Beatles,"Introducing The Beatles",Vee Jay Records., thumbnail_release130_390377882684.jpg
USD 26.0 auction1867
Introducing The Beatles-Englands No.1 Vocal Group-Vee-Jay Records-SR 1062, thumbnail_release130_130623848832.jpg
USD 14.99 auction1868
Introducing the Beatles' Stereo 1964 Vee-Jay SR-1062, thumbnail_release130_250959314524.jpg
USD 25.0 auction1581
Introducing The Beatles from Vee Jay Records SR-1062 "Fake", thumbnail_release130_290650659013.jpg
USD 9.99 auction1670
THE BEATLES -LP- "INTRODUCING..." G / VG VEE-JAY SR-1062, thumbnail_release130_300642262052.jpg
USD 10.5 auction1671
Beatles Introducing the Beatles  vinyl Lp record 2 copies , thumbnail_release130_350518527869.jpg
USD 29.98 auction1672
INTRODUCING THE BEATLES BLANK BACK STEREO AUTHENTIC!!!, thumbnail_release130_160703944152.jpg
USD 1195.0 auction1580
Introducing the Beatles VeeJay record SR-1062/Stereo, thumbnail_release130_320816751493.jpg
USD 17.5 auction1579
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Vee Jay - SR-1062

introducing the beatles

introducing the beatles, introducing_the_beatles.jpg

Catalogue number

published cat.number:
Vee Jay SR-1062

alternative cat.number:
Vee Jay SR1062

General info

Date released: 1964-01-10
Country released: USA
Release type: LP (12")

Value indication

last updated:
719 auction(s)
202 sale(s)
popularity: 28%

$ 1726.99 max value
$ 0.99 min value
$ 80.15 avg value


Publisher: Vee Jay
Cover design: