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With The Beatles, release: PCS 3045

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WITH THE BEATLES 1965 STEREO 4th PRESSING PCS 3045. COVER ONLY. , thumbnail_release128_332919448159.jpg
USD 17.88 auction60395
With the beatles vinyl 1963 Uk Stereo 1st Pressing Jobete LP NEAR MINT!!, thumbnail_release128_283218406346.jpg
USD 319.07 auction60294
BEATLES / With the Beatles / Parlophone  PCS 3045 / 1963 / Vinyl NM? UK IMPORT, thumbnail_release128_292645022308.jpg
USD 19.99 auction60173
The Beatles - With The Beatles UK Lp VG+/NM PCS 3045 2 Box Stereo for sale help, thumbnail_release128_142669734238.jpg
USD 25.0 auction59703
THE BEATLES "WITH THE BEATLES" RARE PARLOPHONE LABEL #PPCS 3045 STILL SEALED , thumbnail_release128_253316493667.jpg
USD 99.99 auction59556
The Beatles With, thumbnail_release128_222765803910.jpg
USD 13.35 auction59559
Parlophone With the Beatles Stereo Vinyl LP Record PCS 3045, thumbnail_release128_172959837321.jpg
USD 44.99 auction59406
The Beatles 'with the beatles' LP 1963 EMI PARLOPHONE PCS 3045.(YEX.110/111)., thumbnail_release128_253182013186.jpg
USD 1.29 auction59349
The Beatles - With The - Vinyl LP Stereo 1980's Reissue PCS3045 Near Mint, thumbnail_release128_162676839800.jpg
USD 3.18 auction59188
The Beatles 'With the Beatles' Stereo Vinyl LP in Excellent Condition, thumbnail_release128_282636890754.jpg
USD 6.47 auction58886
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BEATLES With The Beatles UK 1st Press STEREO MINT(-) LP Mid-Size Logo!!! , thumbnail_release128_130641865500.jpg
USD 1042.19 auction2766
The Beatles Lot (151) Albums/45s, thumbnail_release128_290730250468.jpg
USD 860.0 auction5702
The Beatles (The Collection) Box Set and The Beatles Collection Box Set     both, thumbnail_release128_151023757100.jpg
USD 810.0 auction14776
THE BEATLES MASSIVE RECORD / VINYL COLLECTION OF LP'S-LISTED, thumbnail_release128_251404495032.jpg
USD 616.54 auction26886
With The Beatles - 1963 UK 1st *STEREO* Press Parlophone LP, thumbnail_release128_290841576859.jpg
USD 544.1 auction10618
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The Beatles "With The Beatles " Stereo 1963 Parlophone  "Rare  VG+++, thumbnail_release128_290653459152.jpg
USD 59.99 auction1864
THE BEATLES: WITH THE BEATLES (STEREO LP) PCS 3045, thumbnail_release128_120834032288.jpg
USD 46.99 auction1600
Original BEATLES LP Album 'With the Beatles' PCS 3045 (The Parlophone Co label), thumbnail_release128_260926695843.jpg
USD 27.72 auction1875
60s BEATLES with The Beatles Original 1970s Repress UK Vinyl LP MINT, thumbnail_release128_120835631549.jpg
USD 17.8 auction1740
The Beatles "With The Beatles " Stereo 1963 Parlophone  "Rare  VG+++, thumbnail_release128_250959161508.jpg
USD 59.99 auction1574
+++ THE BEATLES - With the Beatles - STEREO 1st UK pressing ... STUNNING! , thumbnail_release128_300641125775.jpg
USD 157.91 auction1575
THE BEATLES WITH THE BEATLES 1973 UK  EXPORT MADE IN FRANCE, thumbnail_release128_120833004751.jpg
USD 23.44 auction1576
WITH THE BEATLES ORIGINAL 1963 STEREO PRESSING JOBETE, thumbnail_release128_120833004764.jpg
USD 78.16 auction1577
WITH THE BEATLES UK STEREO LP , thumbnail_release128_290651177277.jpg
USD 18.76 auction1668
With The Beatles--Sealed UK Vinyl LP, thumbnail_release128_250962030541.jpg
USD 30.0 auction1733
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Parlophone - PCS 3045

With The Beatles

With The Beatles, with_the_beatles.jpg

Catalogue number

published cat.number:
Parlophone PCS 3045

alternative cat.number:
Parlophone PCS3045

General info

Date released: 1963-11-22
Country released: GB
Release type: LP (12")

Value indication

last updated:
777 auction(s)
347 sale(s)
popularity: 45%

$ 1042.19 max value
$ 1.99 min value
$ 82.83 avg value


Publisher: Parlophone
Cover design: