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Please Please Me, release: PCS 3042

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The Beatles~Please Please Me~1973 Parlophone PCS 3042 Philippines LP NM/shrink, thumbnail_release127_132189406073.jpg
USD 48.0 auction53415
THE BEATLES PLEASE PLEASE ME VINYL LP PARLOPHONE PCS 3042 , thumbnail_release127_192163814397.jpg
USD 10.92 auction52888
THE BEATLES BEATLES FOR SALE VINYL LP PARLOPHONE PCS 3042 MONO, thumbnail_release127_192163822047.jpg
USD 10.92 auction52889
THE BEATLES "PLEASE PLEASE ME" Black/Silver UK PARLOPHONE PCS3042  NMINT beauty., thumbnail_release127_391749309231.jpg
USD 8.99 auction52891
The Beatles Please please me lp Swedish pressing Stereo vinyl, thumbnail_release127_201899245989.jpg
USD 19.25 auction52892
The Beatles- Please Please Me PCS 3042 YEX 94 1, thumbnail_release127_282392392515.jpg
USD 182.52 auction52336
beatles vinyl collection 11 albums 2 box Stereo, thumbnail_release127_252778009276.jpg
USD 46.15 auction51782
THE BEATLES PLEASE PLEASE ME STEREO 4th PRESSING 94-1 95-1 YELLOW BLACK RARE  , thumbnail_release127_172501519317.jpg
USD 106.52 auction50574
The Beatles - Please Please Me - PCS3042 Stereo UK Reissue Ex/Ex, thumbnail_release127_112285549743.jpg
USD 11.28 auction50714
The Beatles - Please Please Me - PCS3042 Stereo UK Reissue Ex/Ex, thumbnail_release127_112268071794.jpg
USD 12.32 auction49883
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BEATLES: PLEASE PLEASE ME, 1st BLACK/GOLD *STEREO* EX++! 1G/1R!!, thumbnail_release127_400514574750.jpg
USD 10566.93 auction20358
BEATLES:PLEASE PLEASE ME, 1st BLACK/GOLD *STEREO* GENUINELY NEAR MINT!!, thumbnail_release127_351323026589.jpg
USD 10259.96 auction43956
Beatles lp STEREO UK 1st Press Black & Gold Please Please Me on Parlophone , thumbnail_release127_221325914013.jpg
USD 8989.23 auction25853
BEATLES: PLEASE PLEASE ME, 2nd BLACK/GOLD**STEREO** Northern Songs 1G/1R!!, thumbnail_release127_400411129563.jpg
USD 8434.19 auction11673
BEATLES: PLEASE PLEASE ME, 1st BLACK/GOLD**STEREO** Dick James CREDITS 1G/1R!!, thumbnail_release127_400461254713.jpg
USD 7781.07 auction15110
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BEATLES Please Please Me LARGE STEREO 4th Press Yellow Black ParloPhone PCS 3042, thumbnail_release127_250963269588.jpg
USD 348.21 auction1731
THE BEATLES / PLEASE PLEASE ME   LP, thumbnail_release127_110800889118.jpg
USD 13.17 auction1739
60s BEATLES please please me Original 1970s Repress UK Vinyl LP MINT, thumbnail_release127_120835630253.jpg
USD 30.96 auction1665
THE BEATLES LP Please please me 1963 Parlophone uk press stereo John Lennon , thumbnail_release127_190619742942.jpg
USD 35.0 auction1662
BEATLES "PLEASE PLEASE ME"-PCS 3042-1963 GT.BRITAIN-EMI, thumbnail_release127_320819542153.jpg
USD 35.0 auction1663
The Beatles-Please Please Me-Sealed UK Vinyl LP, thumbnail_release127_260924056689.jpg
USD 51.0 auction1664
BEATLES PLEASE PLEASE ME LP  EX, thumbnail_release127_120835107824.jpg
USD 16.42 auction1666
THE BEATLES PLEASE PLEASE ME MONO LP PARLOPHONE 1963, thumbnail_release127_190620294668.jpg
USD 62.54 auction1667
BEATLES PLEASE PLEASE ME 6th PRESS, thumbnail_release127_290651166606.jpg
USD 11.26 auction1669
THE BEATLES PLEASE PLEASE ME LP COLOR VINYL, thumbnail_release127_330660662738.jpg
USD 30.0 auction1572
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Parlophone - PCS 3042

Please Please Me

Please Please Me, please_please_me.jpg

Catalogue number

published cat.number:
Parlophone PCS 3042

alternative cat.number:
Parlophone PCS3042

General info

Date released: 1963-03-22
Country released: GB
Release type: LP (12")

Value indication

last updated:
736 auction(s)
363 sale(s)
popularity: 49%

$ 10566.93 max value
$ 3.22 min value
$ 379.34 avg value


Publisher: Parlophone
Cover design: