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December's Children, release: LL 3451 ffrr

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Rolling Stones December's Children Original Press Mono LL 3451 London LP Record, thumbnail_release114_362100232374.jpg
USD 7.52 auction59047
ROLLING STONES - DECEMBER'S CHILDREN - MONO RARE MAROON LONDON, thumbnail_release114_162667944780.jpg
USD 20.99 auction59048
Rolling Stones, The  December's Children    Mono Red Boxed Label, thumbnail_release114_401397958195.jpg
USD 21.15 auction58951
THE ROLLING STONES DECEMBER'S CHILDREN MONO ALBUM 1966, thumbnail_release114_302441172995.jpg
USD 6.99 auction58964
ROLLING STONES December's Children LONDON LL-3451 Mono NM & NM/NM- SHRINK HYPE, thumbnail_release114_142493435811.jpg
USD 300.0 auction58864
The Rolling Stones "December's Children(And Everybody's)" LP Mono, thumbnail_release114_382199905286.jpg
USD 4.95 auction58382
THE ROLLING STONES vinyl lp DECEMBER'S CHILDREN orig MONO full frequency label, thumbnail_release114_253116480367.jpg
USD 2.91 auction58675
ROLLING STONES December's Children London LL 3451 MONO  VG to VG+, thumbnail_release114_232451459532.jpg
USD 2.99 auction58062
ROLLING STONES Decembers Children 12" Vinyl 2LP 33RPM VG+ London LL3451 MONO Red, thumbnail_release114_182721707722.jpg
USD 4.99 auction58380
ROLLING STONES "December's Children" Mono LL-3451 NM- Vinyl VG+ Jkt 1965 LP, thumbnail_release114_142479113164.jpg
USD 39.99 auction58063
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Rolling Stones MONO - December's Children, thumbnail_release114_111898086976.jpg
USD 329.0 auction48496
ROLLING STONES - December's Children (And Everybody's) - SEALED Mono Original LP, thumbnail_release114_301846457321.jpg
USD 320.79 auction46868
Rolling Stones & Related, 23 Vinyl Record Lot, 18 1st Press, 21 LP's & 2 DLP's, thumbnail_release114_111021080262.jpg
USD 182.5 auction11944
The Rolling Stones  "December's Children"  in SHRINK with HYPE STICKER   MONO, thumbnail_release114_221214978663.jpg
USD 125.95 auction16800
THE ROLLING STONES LP "DECEMBER'S CHILDREN" ORIG. MONO- SHRINK-, thumbnail_release114_290878134703.jpg
USD 122.5 auction12452
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3 ROLLING STONES RECORD ALBUMS , thumbnail_release114_360418534006.jpg
USD 9.95 auction1484
The Rolling Stones - December's Children (and everybody's) Mono LL 3451, thumbnail_release114_270871160635.jpg
USD 9.99 auction1418
ROLLING STONES~DECEMBER'S CHILDREN (4th ALBUM)~RARE ORIGINAL 1965 LONDON MONO LP, thumbnail_release114_350509862619.jpg
USD 16.4 auction1082
ROLLING STONES "DECEMBER'S CHILDREN (and everybody's)" MONO, thumbnail_release114_170733945295.jpg
USD 9.99 auction1014
THE ROLLING STONES Decembers Children LP MONO, thumbnail_release114_120817298343.jpg
USD 18.0 auction1080
"December's Children"  The Rolling Stones Mono Album Lp, thumbnail_release114_250940128687.jpg
USD 3.99 auction1081
Rolling Stones December's Children London LL3451 MONO Great Copy, thumbnail_release114_270856957094.jpg
USD 21.5 auction896
THE ROLLING STONES  DECMBER"S  CHILDREN    MONO, thumbnail_release114_200677066472.jpg
USD 17.32 auction965
Rolling Stones "December's Children" Mono/"Tumbling Dice" Vinyl, thumbnail_release114_250936078065.jpg
USD 19.9 auction966
1966 THE ROLLING STONES DECEMBER'S CHILDREN AND EVERYBODY'S RECORD ALBUM LL3451, thumbnail_release114_160683399636.jpg
USD 9.99 auction895
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London Records - LL 3451 ffrr

December's Children

Catalogue number

published cat.number:
London Records LL 3451 ffrr

alternative cat.number:
London Records LL3451

General info

Date released: 1965-00-00
Country released: CA
Release type: LP (12")

Value indication

last updated:
424 auction(s)
174 sale(s)
popularity: 41%

$ 329.00 max value
$ 0.99 min value
$ 25.14 avg value


Publisher: London Records
Cover design: