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The Rolling Stones nr 2, release: LK 4661

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The Rolling Stones - NO. 2 12" LP Decca ORIGINAL UK Press 1965 RARE VG/VG-, thumbnail_release109_253594084964.jpg
USD 40.54 auction59944
The Rolling Stones. No. 2. 1964. Mono 4661. The Rolling Stones. No.2. Vinyl LP, thumbnail_release109_323132890580.jpg
USD 20.79 auction59878
ROLLING STONES..No 2 LP.... UK 1ST ISSUE DECCA LABEL No LK4661, thumbnail_release109_273104157986.jpg
USD 13.87 auction59880
ROLLING STONES - NO. 2 LP MONO DECCA LK 4661 A LP=Excellent shrink wrap import, thumbnail_release109_173123689479.jpg
USD 166.92 auction59685
THE ROLLING STONES - The Rolling Stones No 2 -  MONO - LK 4661 - RARE Vinyl LP, thumbnail_release109_322768064760.jpg
USD 40.63 auction59210
ROLLING STONES NO 2 lp 1st press LK 4661 mono banned blind man sleeve nice!!!, thumbnail_release109_332367570333.jpg
USD 51.88 auction58871
ROLLING STONES NO 2 lp 1st press LK 4661 mono banned blind man sleeve nice!!!, thumbnail_release109_332358467790.jpg
USD 51.53 auction58820
The Rolling Stones No. 2 Vinyl LP LK 4661, thumbnail_release109_322676341410.jpg
USD 6.44 auction58667
The Rolling Stones - 'The Rolling Stones No.2' vinyl LP - Decca Mono LK 4661, thumbnail_release109_152676362183.jpg
USD 6.44 auction58668
The Rolling Stones 1st album LK 4605 - AND - No 2 LK 4661 MONO 1964, thumbnail_release109_302427424749.jpg
USD 25.74 auction58670
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THE ROLLING STONES*NO.2 LP with 'BLIND MAN' SLEEVE*DECCA*UK ORIGINAL*SAMPLE, thumbnail_release109_130939280693.jpg
USD 925.33 auction22201
Rolling Stones - No.2 - UK 1965 1st Press 1A/1A Decca Mono LP EX+, thumbnail_release109_290934099713.jpg
USD 624.88 auction20329
Job Lot of 1st Press Rolling Stones, The Troggs, Rockin Berries + more Vinyl LPs, thumbnail_release109_161611348937.jpg
USD 342.82 auction43926
THE ROLLING STONES"No.2".1965 DECCA MONO+GROOVED/UNBOXED+EARLIEST 1A/1A MATRIXES, thumbnail_release109_391089488750.jpg
USD 246.07 auction44322
ROLLING STONES No 2 UK Nr MINT LK 4661 MONO Decca LP Transitional!, thumbnail_release109_130690409349.jpg
USD 205.05 auction5042
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ROLLING STONES  - NO 2 ALBUM...RARE "BLINDMAN TEXT" ORIG LP...1A/1A MTX - VG+VG+, thumbnail_release109_150702597693.jpg
USD 16.41 auction885
USD 62.5 auction939
THE ROLLING STONES No 2 / 1ST PRESSING MONO, thumbnail_release109_290635594319.jpg
USD 62.5 auction940
ROLLING STONES No.2 / UK DECCA Mono LP reissue, thumbnail_release109_250935726468.jpg
USD 26.85 auction964
LP The Rolling Stones Nr. 2 , thumbnail_release109_150703344084.jpg
USD 237.52 auction963
ROLLING STONES  -  ....No 2,   ORIGINAL 1965 MONO LP + inner.... NICE DISC, thumbnail_release109_250936306060.jpg
USD 45.34 auction999
Rolling Stones No.2 Album.Mono LK4661., thumbnail_release109_260897056855.jpg
USD 34.05 auction938
Rolling Stones, No. 2 -UK 1st pressing -BLIND MAN text, thumbnail_release109_110776725511.jpg
USD 14.85 auction883
ROLLING STONES NO2 UNBOXED DECCA MONO EX/EX 'BLIND MAN', thumbnail_release109_130601231454.jpg
USD 73.54 auction937
Rolling Stones LP OUT Of OUR HEAD(US EXPORT LP ?  UK Rarity), thumbnail_release109_380385484549.jpg
USD 67.46 auction962
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Decca - LK 4661

The Rolling Stones nr 2

Catalogue number

published cat.number:
Decca LK 4661

alternative cat.number:
Decca LK4661

General info

Date released: 1964-00-00
Country released: GB
Release type: LP (12")

Value indication

last updated:
644 auction(s)
325 sale(s)
popularity: 50%

$ 925.33 max value
$ 1.29 min value
$ 52.73 avg value


Publisher: Decca
Cover design: