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Aftermath, release: LK 4786

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ROLLING STONES Aftermath LP 1966 UK LK 4786 unboxed mono 1B/1A, thumbnail_release107_312806414049.jpg
USD 39.9 auction61105
Vinyl LP THE ROLLING STONES 'AFTERMATH' LK4786, thumbnail_release107_233321594988.jpg
USD 18.35 auction61021
ROLLING STONES,AFTER_MATH PLAIN PURPLE COVER,LK 4786,YEAR 1966,MONO!!!, thumbnail_release107_173915320261.jpg
USD 12.67 auction60917
ROLLING STONES AFTER MATH LP DECCA LK 4786, thumbnail_release107_143228262079.jpg
USD 6.45 auction60856
THE ROLLING STONES L.P. 1966.   'AFTERMATH.'   LK 4786.   1st PRESS.   VG+ / EX , thumbnail_release107_133011586877.jpg
USD 11.14 auction60805
ROLLING STONES-AFTERMATH. 1966 VINYL LP. STEREO. RED LABEL. CLARIFOIL. GOOD CON, thumbnail_release107_382696989311.jpg
USD 12.67 auction60520
ROLLING STONES Aftermath MICK JAGGER ROCK BLUES U.K. LP MONO, thumbnail_release107_123498962931.jpg
USD 24.99 auction60340
Rolling Stones-Aftermath-1966 Original Mono Record-Decca LK.4786 ***VG+***, thumbnail_release107_253681642740.jpg
USD 33.2 auction60124
ROLLING STONES Aftermath Mono Vinyl LP Record Album Decca 1966 LK4786 , thumbnail_release107_122659517081.jpg
USD 6.37 auction58371
The Rolling Stones 'Aftermath' vinyl LP Decca Mono LK 4786, thumbnail_release107_152678530033.jpg
USD 6.44 auction58663
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ROLLING STONES Aftermath LP 1966 1st! SHADOW COVER!! WITHDRAWN!!!! , thumbnail_release107_360658426359.jpg
USD 674.52 auction17580
Rolling Stones AFTERMATH - SUPERB VINYL - IN RARE SHADOW SLEEVE, thumbnail_release107_121575481224.jpg
USD 557.61 auction43919
UK Rolling Stones Aftermath 1966 SHADOW SHADED COVER INCREDIBLE RARE Beatles, thumbnail_release107_200694939714.jpg
USD 533.12 auction1939
ROLLING STONES AFTERMATH 1st UK PRESS N/MINT AuDiO MONO ArChIVe UNBOXED DECCA  , thumbnail_release107_310846172616.jpg
USD 511.13 auction28089
ROLLING STONES Aftermath LP 1966 MONO 1st Press!! BRILLIANT EXAMPLE!!!!, thumbnail_release107_361122037527.jpg
USD 448.16 auction41975
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FOUR  ROLLING STONES  LONG PLAYING RECORDS, thumbnail_release107_330649151552.jpg
USD 312.4 auction1255
THE ROLLING STONES / AFTER-MATH / 1ST PRESSING , thumbnail_release107_290638682254.jpg
USD 31.24 auction1257
ROLLING STONES Aftermath - 1966 UK LP - VG CONDITION, thumbnail_release107_110785291711.jpg
USD 70.28 auction1259
ROLLING STONES-AFTERMATH MONO UK 1stPress DECCA UNBOXED, thumbnail_release107_260898664752.jpg
USD 93.74 auction877
THE ROLLING STONES ~ AFTER-MATH- 1966 RED DECCA MONO 1st ISSUE ALBUM, thumbnail_release107_250920068426.jpg
USD 42.19 auction933
THE ROLLING STONES - AFTERMATH - MONO RED DECCA LABEL 1966 VINYL LP, thumbnail_release107_360411034936.jpg
USD 54.68 auction934
ROLLING STONES Aftermath - 1966 UK LP - VG CONDITION, thumbnail_release107_120816974398.jpg
USD 78.11 auction1036
Rolling Stones Aftermath lp, thumbnail_release107_130606757004.jpg
USD 39.05 auction1184
Black Sabbath Deep Purple Led Zeppelin Who Uriah Heep Hawkwind Joblot +, thumbnail_release107_180758334447.jpg
USD 119.23 auction932
The Rolling Stones Aftermath 1966 Red Ear Logo Decca LK4786, thumbnail_release107_280775639791.jpg
USD 17.81 auction931
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Decca - LK 4786


Catalogue number

published cat.number:
Decca LK 4786

alternative cat.number:
Decca LK4786

General info

Date released: 1966-00-00
Country released: GB
Release type: LP (12")

Value indication

last updated:
535 auction(s)
279 sale(s)
popularity: 52%

$ 674.52 max value
$ 1.37 min value
$ 80.82 avg value


Publisher: Decca
Cover design: