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The Rolling Stones is the collectable edition of title The Rolling Stones recorded by Rolling Stones. The record was published with catalogue number Decca LK 4605.This pressing was released in Great Brittain. The record came out in 1964-00-00.It LP (12") appeared on the Decca record label. The sleeve cover was designed by an unknown artist.

Our auction results for LK 4605 were last updated on 2014-08-26. Out of 558 auctions 345 items were sold. The best auction result was $1845.98 On average $88.01 was the price paid for this record.

Original first released Rolling Stones album in the United Kingdom. Red label Decca. Please note, different versions of this release exist.

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Decca - LK 4605

The Rolling Stones

Front Cover

Back Cover

Catalogue number

published cat.number:
Decca LK 4605

alternative cat.number:
Decca LK4605

General info

Date released: 1964-00-00
Country released: GB
Release type: LP (12")


Publisher: Decca
Cover design:

Value indication

last updated:
558 auction(s)
345 sale(s)
popularity: 62%

$ 1845.98 max value
$ 1.60 min value
$ 88.01 avg value