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The Rolling Stones, release: LK 4605

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ROLLING STONES 1st LP 1964 UNBOXED Decca MONO! LK 4605!! Fantastic Example, thumbnail_release105_322766846751.jpg
USD 67.07 auction59281
The Rolling Stones - Rolling  Stones :LP 1964 Decca  Records Made in UK : LK4605, thumbnail_release105_263221882882.jpg
USD 32.0 auction59192
The Rolling Stones - The Rolling Stones - LP Record Vinyl Album - RARE - LK 4605, thumbnail_release105_311959968702.jpg
USD 27.18 auction59038
The Rolling Stones - Rolling  Stones :LP 1964 Decca  Records Made in UK : LK4605, thumbnail_release105_253122871106.jpg
USD 32.0 auction58878
The Rolling Stones 1st album LK 4605 - AND - No 2 LK 4661 MONO 1964, thumbnail_release105_302427424749.jpg
USD 25.74 auction58659
Original Vintage The Rolling Stones Self Titled LK4605 Vinyl LP 1964, thumbnail_release105_302426043219.jpg
USD 51.5 auction58660
THE ROLLING STONES - Debut LP LK4605 - Mono 1st Press - 2A/4A Unboxed Decca , thumbnail_release105_362080715971.jpg
USD 6.37 auction58661
The Rolling Stones Vinyl LP LK 4605, thumbnail_release105_322676352742.jpg
USD 25.76 auction58662
Original Vintage The Rolling Stones Self Titled LK4605 Vinyl LP 1964, thumbnail_release105_302420579976.jpg
USD 51.33 auction58054
ROLLING STONES- --- SELF TITLED ---LK 4605--2 LP'S  ---1 SLEEVE --LISTED, thumbnail_release105_332348849940.jpg
USD 6.43 auction58052
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Rolling Stones - s/t - *NEAR MINT* UK 1964 Debut Decca LP , thumbnail_release105_290874843734.jpg
USD 1845.98 auction12642
ROLLING STONES 1st LP 1964 '2.52' 1st Press! 1A/1A!! EARLIEST EVER!!!!, thumbnail_release105_360649056532.jpg
USD 1402.77 auction16532
ROLLING STONES 1st OG UK 1964 DECCA MONO LP 1A/1A CLIP, thumbnail_release105_180762781495.jpg
USD 1072.63 auction1153
ROLLING STONES s/t UK 1st Press Decca '64 LP MINT/unplayed Best Ever!! , thumbnail_release105_130980585835.jpg
USD 1053.06 auction23855
THE ROLLING STONES no 1 First MONO EX+ MINT - Sensational AUDIO Cover Inner~~~~ , thumbnail_release105_261209321004.jpg
USD 1017.86 auction17327
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The Rolling Stones - S/T Mono Un-Boxed Decca 2nd Pre LP, thumbnail_release105_390366039591.jpg
USD 10.58 auction875
THE ROLLING STONES-1st LP-MONA-UK MONO -UNBOXED 1964 EX, thumbnail_release105_260898334736.jpg
USD 154.82 auction873
LP The Rolling Stones, thumbnail_release105_150703321141.jpg
USD 237.52 auction958
THE ROLLING STONES *ORIGINAL 60'S PRESSING*, thumbnail_release105_350508088275.jpg
USD 75.87 auction869
The Rolling Stones 1st LP MONO Very Rare Vinyl Record Decca 1A/4A, thumbnail_release105_140641603363.jpg
USD 32.52 auction871
ROLLING STONES  -    Rolling Stones,   ORIGINAL 1964 MATRIX 1 MONO LP/inner, thumbnail_release105_250933599045.jpg
USD 28.16 auction867
ROLLING STONES N.1  LK 4605  MATRIX 1A/4A  VINYL NO HAIRLINES+sound ex cover vg+, thumbnail_release105_150700686143.jpg
USD 59.44 auction926
ROLLING STONES 1ST LP UNBOXED DECCA MONO EX/EX, thumbnail_release105_130601231256.jpg
USD 75.98 auction927
The Rolling Stones - VERY RARE 1964 DECCA label LP, thumbnail_release105_140640130503.jpg
USD 383.35 auction928
RARE ROLLING STONES FIRST PRESSING FIRST U.K LP DECCA LK.4605 XARL.6271, thumbnail_release105_280771948183.jpg
USD 15.63 auction929
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Decca - LK 4605

The Rolling Stones

Catalogue number

published cat.number:
Decca LK 4605

alternative cat.number:
Decca LK4605

General info

Date released: 1964-00-00
Country released: GB
Release type: LP (12")

Value indication

last updated:
788 auction(s)
417 sale(s)
popularity: 53%

$ 1845.98 max value
$ 1.56 min value
$ 82.02 avg value


Publisher: Decca
Cover design: