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Auction: Capitol #ST-2228 "The Beatles '65" - Stereo, Gold Record Award

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Title Capitol #ST-2228 "The Beatles '65" - Stereo, Gold Record Award
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Capitol #ST-2228 "The Beatles '65" - Stereo, Gold Record Award, thumbnail_release145_143513677310.jpg

Auction Description

A 1960's stereo record, in the original sleeve, as shown. No cover splits and mostly clean with only light and minor corner and edge wear. Record shows just incidental scuffs for a great sounding audio!

Side 1 lists:

1. No Reply

2. I'm A Loser

3. Baby's In Black

4. Rock And Roll Music

5. I'll Follow The Sun

6. Mr. Moonlight

Side 2 lists:

1. Honey Don't

2. I'll Be Back

3. She's A Woman

4. I Feel Fine

5. Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby

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Release Name Beatles '65 (stereo)
Catalogue ST-2228
Sold auctions 288
Running auctions 21
Maximum paid $367
Minimum paid $0.99
Average paid $30.76
Popularity 37% of all auctions for this release were sold.