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Auction: PINK FLOYD Wish You Were Here UK LP Early A1 B5 with postcard EX- Vinyl

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Title PINK FLOYD Wish You Were Here UK LP Early A1 B5 with postcard EX- Vinyl
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PINK FLOYD Wish You Were Here UK LP Early A1 B5 with postcard  EX- Vinyl , thumbnail_release248_153780689861.jpg

Auction Description

PINK FLOYD Wish You Were Here UK LP SHVL 814 1975 Matrix A1 B5 with POSTCARD

Early UK pressing with A1 B5 Matrix. Respectable copy which retains its original high black gloss and display some signs of use but is a nice example complete with original postcard. 

Detailed Grading: -

Outer Sleeve: VG+

The single outer sleeve is graded VG+ condition.  There are no worrying faults, no writing or tears or significant creasing.  The sleeve is perfectly straight and the spine is fully readable.  The sleeve has some minor to moderate discolouration caused predominantly  though handling, which has a tendency to show up very clearly on the pure white background of this sleeve. 

Vinyl: EX-

The Vinyl is in EX- condition. Very deep black gloss shine on this copy and there are a few light hairlines present with a couple of slightly more pronounced hairlines, but these are not deep and overall this record is much closer to EX than it is VG.  On playback there is some audible surface noise but generally only in the quieter passages and overall this is a solid early copy in above average condition.  

Matrix Numbers:

Side 1 SHVL 814   A-1    4     AHO

Side 2 SHVL 814   B-5    3     GMR 

Labels: EX

The Labels are in EX condition – very clean. There is very little in the way of spindle lines but the B side labels looks like it was folded back in one small section at the top which has been stuck back down at a later date.   

Inner Sleeve:  VG+

The original card inner sleeve is in VG condition and has the original design with 3 cut corners.  Like the outer sleeve is has a light amount of discolouration in a few small areas.  There is a small (3.5cm) seam split in the bottom edge which is unnoticeable unless you look extremely closely. 

Postcard :  EX

The postcard is uncreased and in nice condition.  It has some very minor edge wear in 2-3 places which is small in size. 

Postage and Packing:

All records are placed in a separate poly lined inner and stored flat outside the sleeve and then placed sealed in a re-sealable polythene outer prior to shipping.  Records are then placed between square cardboard sheets before packaging into cruciform mailers especially designed for LP’s. These mailers are a high-grade type which reinforce the edges around the LP and as such they are larger and weigh more than standard mailers.  My postage costs reflect the additional size and weight of the packaging that I use.

UK Bidders:

£4.75 via first class postage.

Oversees Bidders:

Europe, including Russia: £8.95

Rest of World: £12.95


Postage Destinations – Europe (Excluding Russia), USA and Rest of World (Excluding S. AMERICA) 

Again, I reserve the right to request the appropriate amount of insurance for items over £50

Please contact me if you have any questions relating to this item, I will be happy to answer them.  Thanks.


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Release Name Wish You Were Here, UK 1st Pressing
Catalogue SHVL814
Sold auctions 70
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