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Auction: Elvis Presley LPM-1254 First Pressing

about this auction
Title Elvis Presley LPM-1254 First Pressing
Ended true
Sold false
Link Auction no longer running
Price USD 59.95
Elvis Presley LPM-1254 First Pressing, thumbnail_release80_173746754337.jpg

Auction Description

Elvis Presley LPM-1264
First pressing G2 PP1282-5S A1
G2 PP1282-3S A1

is centered on label under Nipper.
Big 1 under the word side
This is a 1956 pressing
Not a reissue

Side one VG
Has a couple of small scratches that do not skip

Side two Ex.
Both sides have a gloss and the fidelity and sound is great.
See pictures
Cover is split and has some breaks
Top right has the Green and Pink rca logo
See pictures
statistics for auctions of this release
Release Name Elvis Presley
Catalogue RCA LPM 1254
Sold auctions 416
Running auctions 28
Maximum paid $2750.56
Minimum paid $3
Average paid $90.43
Popularity 47% of all auctions for this release were sold.