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Auction: Led Zeppelin III vinyl LP SD 7201 

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Title Led Zeppelin III vinyl LP SD 7201 
Ended true
Sold false
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Price USD 25.0
Led Zeppelin III vinyl LP SD 7201 , thumbnail_release71_143074379918.jpg

Auction Description

Play tested condition by side (A, B...), track (1, 2, 3...)

I am not a robot. Please regard these numbers as approximate. This is not a guarantee.

P = readily audible pop(s)

S = audible scratch(es) (3 or more repeated pops)

Stick = Needle does not progress to next groove, repeats sound.

A: 1-2p; 4-1p

B: 1-1p; 3-1p

Cover: gatefold with rotating inner art

Original owner: Handled by edge and label. Played on audiophile quality turntables (Lab 80, Rega). Probably played only for this test in past 20 years.

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Release Name Led Zeppelin III (USA)
Catalogue 7201
Sold auctions 661
Running auctions 25
Maximum paid $910
Minimum paid $1.99
Average paid $41.97
Popularity 60% of all auctions for this release were sold.