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Auction: Pink Floyd LP Meddle UK Harvest 1st press A-1U B-1U DECENT COPY

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Title Pink Floyd LP Meddle UK Harvest 1st press A-1U B-1U DECENT COPY
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Pink Floyd LP Meddle UK Harvest 1st press A-1U B-1U DECENT COPY, thumbnail_release172_153302134466.jpg

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Hi again everyone yes here we go again.
Seems to confusion over postage please let me explain:
for every £1.00 shipping i get from the buyer (This is a breakdown and not the actual cost of shipping)
Ebay & Paypal charge me 14.50p to receive it with paypal receiving fee & ebay charge me 9.5% fvf fee on it,yes thats what happens.
I pay 1.45p for plastic sleeve,Top quality cruciform Alone costs me 1.00 & 2 stiffeners which cost 30p in order for the parcel to arrive in the condition it should do;So please understand these costs i incur before i even pay for the postage

Please note I do not post to Canada 
Neither do I use the eBay Global Shipping Program

Please note are you holding expensive rare records and scared of putting them on ebay cause of scammers?or calling out dealers from ads that offer a pittance?well i have private buyers for the right record who will pay top money,meaning i can pay you top money for the right record no returns,no scammers etc etc hard and fast cash,get in touch if interested you wont be disappointed.No price too big for right record & cash waiting.

Like to wish all my customers happy xmas & new year,its been a great 14 years and hopefully it will continue?obviously thats down to ebay with the excessive fees,rules etc,its crazy the prices they are putting on listings etc to the point im doing alot of buisness privately now shame but i will carry on as far as i can.

Band:Pink Floyd
Label:UK Harvest 1st press with A-1U & B-1U ending matrix numbers
Catalogue Number:SHVL 795
Vinyl Visual:Under my mega strong light not natural daylight very fine wispy hairlines most people ignore as bag removal marks well i dont so VG+
Front Cover:EX fully textured sleeve use zoom to see
Spine:Has little light wear
Back Cover:EX
Original harvest advertising inner

Terms of sale, please read carefully:
1) All records are graded under a Policeman's home/office torch, not daylight. So an accurate visual description assured. I just can not believe the amount of so called Mint records that are sold are genuine mint copies. It's impossible to get that many mint old copies!! Here I grade properly, and VG or VG+ does not mean knackered. I grade in line with UK Record Collector Grading System as follows: 

MINT: I only grade Mint when Sealed
Near Mint: In brand New condition with no surface marks or deterioration in sound quality. Cover and contents nearly perfect.
Excellent: Shows some signs of being played but there is very little lessening in sound quality. Cover and contents might have slight wear and/or creasing.
VG+ Very Good Plus: Better than Very Good, has obviously been played but no significant deterioration in sound quality despite light surface marks. Very little wear and tear on cover and contents, without any major defects.
VG Very Good: Has obviously been played many times, but no major deterioration in sound quality despite noticeable surface marks and occasional light scratch. Normal wear and tear on cover and contents, without any major defects.
Good:  Sound quality has noticeable deterioration, perhaps with some distortion. Mild scratches. Cover and contents suffer from folding, scuffing of edges, spine splits, discolouration etc.

2) Postage all records are packed in sturdy cruciforms with stiffeners. I do know about removing vinyl from sleeves and packing properly. No need to waste your time sending me emails about it. 99% of records are posted within 24 hours, very rarely 48 hours. UK postage tracking details are entered the same day as shipping, International Orders can be several days before I enter tracking details, as I use the Drop & Go service and collect them upon my return to the Post Office.

3) Partial Refunds will not be given, I will not get into a dispute over them. If you are unhappy with your purchase please notify me and I will do all I can to resolve the matter. I will not be blackmailed with Negative Feedback if I do not give a partial refund.

4) Buyers are responsible for all Customs Duty/Import Charges in their own country. The responsibility is not mine.
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Catalogue SHVL 795
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