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Auction: Rolling Stones, 1964 LP on Decca

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Title Rolling Stones, 1964 LP on Decca
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Price USD 32.75
Rolling Stones, 1964 LP on Decca, thumbnail_release109_173712279637.jpg

Auction Description

From 1965 on the Decca label, with unboxed logo,  No. LK4661 , "The Rolling Stones No.2".

The laminated flipback sleeve is a good VG.  The vinyl is polished with some light scratches that don't affect play, without the scratches a good Ex.

I visually grade records and use the Record Collector, Rare Record Price Guide for all grading.

Winning bid payment by Paypal.

Winning bid to be paid for within one week of the end of auction.

I am sorry, but I will not ship to the Russian Federation, the Ukraine, or any other of the former USSR countries, unless the bidder has a +ve feedback of at least 500.

Shipping to the USA, Japan and South Korea £9.50, £3.95 to the UK, £7.70 to the rest of Europe.

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Release Name The Rolling Stones nr 2
Catalogue LK 4661
Sold auctions 325
Running auctions 6
Maximum paid $925.33
Minimum paid $1.29
Average paid $52.73
Popularity 50% of all auctions for this release were sold.