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Auction: Elvis Presley 2nd RCA Album LPM 1382

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Title Elvis Presley 2nd RCA Album LPM 1382
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Price USD 100.0
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Auction Description

This rare first pressing label includes CAMDEN, N.J. in the statement along the bottom of the label TRADE MARKS ® REGISTERED · MARCAS REGISTRADAS · RADIO CORPORATION OF AMERICA - CAMDEN, N.J. - MADE IN U.S.A.  An independent study of 1950s RCA Victor albums (33s) and singles (45s and 78s). determined that the CAMDEN, N.J. was removed from the label sometime in 1959, which means that pressings from 1959 and later will not have the CAMDEN, N.J. statement.

This is a FIRST PRESSING 1956 RCA Recording. 
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Release Name Elvis
Catalogue LPM 1382
Sold auctions 174
Running auctions 17
Maximum paid $614
Minimum paid $0.99
Average paid $42.22
Popularity 34% of all auctions for this release were sold.