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Auction: RARE Elvis Presley 1956 SPD-22 Double 45 rpm EP Record RCA Special Promotion

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Title RARE Elvis Presley 1956 SPD-22 Double 45 rpm EP Record RCA Special Promotion
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RARE Elvis Presley 1956 SPD-22 Double 45 rpm EP Record RCA Special Promotion, thumbnail_release82_382684992364.jpg

Auction Description

DESCRIPTION: This is for a RARE Elvis Presley 1956 SPD-22 Double 45 rpm EP Record RCA Special Promotional Record that was given with a purchase of a RCA Victrola Record Player. I must say it is in very nice condition, lets start with the cover, wwwhich is great I think. spine is still stragit, does have a few very minor white spots on cover which I show in picture and a tiny mark on the "E" on "Presley" along botton of cover, you can see that too in a picture.but really am being picky, overall cover is still great and stiff..inside clean and back too, ok, now for the Records which both are clean and still very glossy so I had to play them..they both sound perfect except for side one "blue Suede Shoes" has two very minor blips.not a scratch or a skip either, kind of a quick little blip is best way to describe it..again being very picky..otherwise both records are very clean with no skips or noise, just how you want it..
Shipping is $10.00 and In Order to save on cost I sometimes use recycled boxes like Shoe boxes ect but I use only new ones from a major retailer who does not use the boxes.. I use USPS & Fed-Ex mostly and try to save on shipping when I can.  ALASKA & Hawaii MAY BE MORE DEPENDING ON HOW FAST YOU WANT IT..

About me: Hi Folks and thanks for looking at my items for sale, Here is my story..I am sort of what you call an American(California) Picker.I find most of my items at Storage unit sales or Swap Meets or Estate sales ect.Most of the items I find are old and or used and alot of them  I know little of but I do try to describe all best I can but please understand some items are difficult to relay condition so please look at the pictures closely, if you see something I do not describe it may mean I did not see it or that it is pretty clear there is a problem. . I am as easy going as pumpkin pie so hollar if you have any questions at all. please hollar. I like to start the auctions at a low price So most times you can really find a bargain. Please ask Questions as I am not always the expert on these things. .   
FEEDBACK: This is something very important to us sellers. As a small time seller  We try very hard to describe things well but we sell used old items most of the time so hard to really describe things perfectly but we try. So if you get it and its a little dirty or scuffed it's because it's usually old and we try to leave as we find them..please understand this from our side, otherwise we small time sellers will all fade away and who will find these small but very significant items that we all loved and cherished like that 1960's Hot Wheels you had as a kid, or the record by the Beatles that is so hard to find. Or that RARE Barbie you want for your Grandaughter...This is what us small time sellers do, we find memories so PLEASE BE KIND!!Always Email me first and I always take care of things in  timely manner.

International Shipping. I DO NOT  ship out of the U.S unless you ask, sometimes I will but depends on what it is or where it is going so just ask me and will let you know.

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Release Name Elvis Presley
Catalogue RCA Victor SPD-22
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Average paid $382.61
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