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Auction: The Beatles Singles 45's Job Lot

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Title The Beatles Singles 45's Job Lot
Ended true
Sold true
Link Auction no longer running
Price USD 11.91
The Beatles Singles 45's Job Lot, thumbnail_release268_272525521819.jpg

Auction Description

The Beatles.

45's job lot.

No sleeves.

She loves you-R 5055.

Can't buy me love-R 5114.

Help-R 5305.

I want to hold your hand-R 5084.

All you need is love-R 5620.

The magical mystery tour side 3/4-MMT-B1.

Records have light marks/scratches.

Very good condition.

Play well.

Very collectable.

Happy bidding.

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statistics for auctions of this release
Release Name Can't Buy Me Love
Catalogue R 5114
Sold auctions 22
Running auctions 7
Maximum paid $36.19
Minimum paid $1.2
Average paid $7.34
Popularity 31% of all auctions for this release were sold.