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Auction: Tony Sheridan And The Beat Brothers - My Bonnie

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Title Tony Sheridan And The Beat Brothers - My Bonnie
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Vinyl vg

Labels clean

Paper sleeve

My Bonnie / The Saints 

This is one of the first commercial releases featuring any form of the Beatles. 

Recorded in June 1961 in Hamburg, Germany performing as Tony Sheridan's backing band the Beat Brothers. 

This was released  Oct 1961. As Beatle mania slowly started to gain traction this single was then re released as Tony Sheridan with the Beatles in 1962. 

What we have here is an extremely rare NZ first pressing of the original release with the Beatles credited as "The Beat Brothers."

The Beat Brothers -

Paul McCartney

John Lennon

George Harrison

With Pete Best on drums...(pre Ringo Starr).

Side one has the slow German intro. 

Vinyl plays fine right throughout side 1 & 2. 



NZ pressing

Ships worldwide from NZ for $10.00

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