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Auction: Pink Floyd Record Albums - Lot of 7

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Title Pink Floyd Record Albums - Lot of 7
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Price USD 71.27
Pink Floyd Record Albums - Lot of 7, thumbnail_release243_182034014070.jpg

Auction Description

Set of 7 Pink Floyd Records

-Piper at the Gates of Dawn 1997 reissue
-Ummagumma double LP (SKBB-388)
-Obscured by Clouds (ST-11078)
-Dark Side of the Moon (SMAS-11163)
--includes two posters, two stickers
-Animals (34474)
-The Wall double LP (36183)
-The Final Cut (38243)

All albums include untested discs that appear perfectly clean and undamaged, and any other items listed above.  All albums show signs of use and minor imperfections (creases, minor scuffs, etc).  Please look closely at the photos and feel free to ask any questions before bidding!
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Release Name Obscured By Clouds, US ST pressing
Catalogue ST-11078
Sold auctions 8
Running auctions 7
Maximum paid $71.27
Minimum paid $14.5
Average paid $32.95
Popularity 32% of all auctions for this release were sold.