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Auction: BEATLES Love Me Do UK Orig 1962 1G Early Press

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Title BEATLES Love Me Do UK Orig 1962 1G Early Press
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BEATLES Love Me Do UK Orig 1962 1G Early Press, thumbnail_release256_131727189045.jpg

Auction Description

Please read ALL the notes below before bidding.

The Beatles 

 Love Me Do / Ps I Love You

1962 45 R 4949

(7XCE 17144 / 17145 1N)

Very early pressing: 

WOZT Tax Code combination embossed on centre of B-side. Labels have Ardmore & Beechwood shifted to the right. These details indicate a record pressed prior to the 5th October 1962 release date.

Stamped  7XCE 17144 & 5 - 1N 

Side 1 ZT 1 P

Side 2 ZT 1 G


The sleeve is in unmarked excellent+ condition.

Clean labels, light spindle marking, little wear to spindle hole. Has owner's initials neatly on centre, both sides. Vinyl shows superficial marks. Plays through both sides without sticking or skipping, light crackle.

Graded Excellent-.


 This will be sent signed-for delivery in the UK. Overseas bidders please check postage with me.

 Grading is to UK Record Collector guide (and please see my feedback). I have tried to be as accurate as possible with release dates and relevant detail and hope I have supplied all the information you need but please ask if you need further information.

And please bid with confidence, I will accept returns in the event that you are not entirely satisfied with the description above. 


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Release Name Love Me Do / P. S. I Love You (Demonstration Record or First pressing)
Catalogue 45-R 4949
Sold auctions 29
Running auctions 5
Maximum paid $298.05
Minimum paid $2.83
Average paid $100.28
Popularity 62% of all auctions for this release were sold.