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Auction: The Beatles A Hard Days Night LP vinyl

about this auction
Title The Beatles A Hard Days Night LP vinyl
Updated Fri, 27 Apr 12
End time Mon, 23 Apr 12
Bids 4
Ended true
Sold true
Link Auction no longer running
Price USD 17.0
The Beatles A Hard Days Night LP vinyl, thumbnail_release141_180866441665.jpg

Auction Description

Parlophone records presents The Beatles A hard days night LP

In original cover and sleeve. The cover is a bit worn on the bottom

Record inm excellent condition

Parlophone pmc 1230

statistics for auctions of this release
Release Name A Hard Days Night (mono)
Catalogue PMC-1230
Sold auctions 330
Running auctions 5
Maximum paid $12626.16
Minimum paid $1.6
Average paid $87.72
Popularity 50% of all auctions for this release were sold.