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Auction: PINK FLOYD A Saucerful of Secrets orange Tower label

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Title PINK FLOYD A Saucerful of Secrets orange Tower label
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Price USD 42.51
PINK FLOYD  A Saucerful of Secrets   orange Tower label, thumbnail_release162_130677451338.jpg

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Record Grading is a subjective endeavor!  Sellers tend to over-grade, buyers tend to under-grade.  Honesty, attention to detail and complete accuracy are the only ways to counteract this problem.

Visual Grading   under a bright light is absolutely necessary!  Any record looks near mint in the dark.

Play Grading      is everything.  I have had pristine looking records play crackly, and have had scratchy looking records play surprisingly cleanly.


Descriptions       are a must.  It can be very frustrating to see a listing of a copy of (for example) Iron Butterfly’s In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, that tells you nothing of the label.  Is it an original purple & brown label, a 2nd issue yellow ‘1841 Broadway’ address label, a 3rd issue yellow ‘Rockefeller Plaza’ address label, or an even later gray label?#!??

Sealed Records I will never knowingly sell a re-sealed record.  I have been burned in the past, and know the frustration.  However, once you buy a sealed record, and open it, I just cannot offer a refund if you don’t like what you got.  Unless I witness the opening, there is simply no way for me to know if what you send back is what I sent you.  If I have suspicions about a sealed record, I will either not sell it, or relate my suspicions in the listing.


Purchasing a record sight-unseen can be very rewarding, or can be very disappointing. 

My goal is very simple.  To have every buyer finish the deal happy!

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Release Name A Saucerful Of Secrets (US stereo)
Catalogue ST-5131
Sold auctions 83
Running auctions 3
Maximum paid $406
Minimum paid $10
Average paid $59.89
Popularity 39% of all auctions for this release were sold.